Development Control Plans

Amendment to DCP 2010

Adoption of Chapter 16 - Site Waste Minimisation & Management

Council has approved an amendment to the Bellingen Shire DCP 2010. The purpose of the amendment is to introduce new development controls that manage waste generated in the construction process and in the ongoing operation of certain developments.

NOTIFICATION is given that pursuant to 21(2) of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2000, the amendment to Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan 2010, incorporating Chapter 16 Waste Minimisation & Management commenced operation on 8 November 2012.

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Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2010

This Plan came into effect on 5 August 2010 and it can be downloaded in its entirity or by the relevant section.

This is the sole DCP regulating development in Bellingen Shire Council and is the culmination of a process that has seen the provisions of sixteen previous DCP's retained, modified or deleted as necessary, following a comprehensive review of their continued relevance or usefulness.

New development control provisions have also been developed to ensure that Council has a comprehensive suite of development controls in place to guide development in the Shire from 2010 onwards.

The document has been broken into individual chapters  however readers are advised to firstly read the Introduction and Table of Contents to gain an appreciation of the structure and content of the entire document. Individual chapters will occasionally cross reference requirements within other chapters.

Table of Amendments


Date Adopted

Date Commenced

(1) Chapter 16 - Site Waste Minimisation and
Management inserted
24 October 2012 8 November 2012
(1) Clause 2.6.11 - deleted 24 October 2012 8 November 2012


Bellingen Shire DCP 2010 (PDF - 12168.43KB)
Introduction (PDF - 122.22KB)
Extract - Chapter 1, Single Dwelling (PDF - 310.45KB)
Extract - Chapter 2, Multiple Dwelling Construction (PDF - 2864.05KB)
Extract - Chapter 3, Subdivision (PDF - 168.7KB)
Extract - Chapter 4, Tourist Development (PDF - 122.96KB)
Extract - Chapter 5, Carparking and Vehicular Access (PDF - 173.72KB)
Extract - Chapter 6, Preservation of Trees and Vegetation (PDF - 161.2KB)
Extract - Chapter 7, Signage and Footpath Trading (PDF - 950.66KB)
Extract - Chapter 8, Flood and Riverine Processes (PDF - 964.57KB)
Extract - Chapter 9, Landscaping Requirements (PDF - 930.18KB)
Extract - Chapter 10, On Site Sewage Management (PDF - 178.51KB)
Extract - Chapter 11, Advertising and Notification of Development Applications (PDF - 111.8KB)
Extract - Chapter 12, Stormwater (PDF - 2257.5KB)
Extract - Chapter 13, Food Premises and Activities (PDF - 453.08KB)
Extract - Chapter 14 - Equity of Access (PDF - 1876.1KB)
Extract - Chapter 15, Developement in Mylestom (PDF - 654.34KB)
Extract - Chapter 16, Site Waste Minimisation and Mangement (PDF - 1119.79KB)


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