Bellingen Shire Council - Launch of Scores on Doors

Scores on Doors Food Safety Result Sticker Example
Scores on Doors Five Star Result

Bellingen Shire Council is pleased to advise that the “Scores on Doors” food hygiene rating scheme will be launched in the coming weeks. Under this scheme, Council has worked with food businesses to encourage retail food outlets in our Local Government Area to achieve a minimum rating of “3 Stars” and to display their certificates in a prominent place.

Bellingen Shire Mayor, Cr Dominic King, explained, “At the completion of the routine food safety inspection program for 2016-17, each business was given a score based on the level of food safety and hygiene being practiced. Where the score met the criteria provided by the NSW Food Authority, a star rating was allocated accordingly.”

The discrete star rating for a business is provided on a certificate or a sticker which is recommended to be displayed in a prominent location for each business. In order to allow fair comparison between participating food outlets across the Bellingen Shire Council LGA, star ratings are to be distributed to all businesses simultaneously.

“Scores on Doors provides an opportunity to better promote and market the participating retail food businesses. Although the display of certificates is voluntary, following the launch of the scheme, consumers will be looking for certificates to be displayed in a prominent public position such as in the front window.  In doing so, a business highlights its commitment to food safety which may be the point of difference between similar businesses.  The scheme also provides potential marketing opportunities for participating businesses”, added the Mayor.

What is Scores on Doors?

Scores on Doors is a NSW hygiene and food safety scoring program that displays the results of food premises inspections in the form of “Stars”.  Premises are rated based on the level of food safety compliance observed during the annual routine inspection. Businesses included in the scheme will be restaurants, cafés, takeaways, bakeries, pub bistros, clubs and accommodation premises that prepare and serve potentially hazardous foods. The Scores on Doors scheme is designed to allow consumers to compare between retail food businesses at a glance.

The NSW Food Authority believes the system strikes the right balance between informing consumers and prompting improvements to food safety. The scores are risk rated and are designed to incentivise businesses to improve their performance in these aspects. Scores on Doors allows consumers to make informed decisions on where they will dine.

Star rating awarded will be:

  • 5 Stars ***** Excellent.  The highest expected level of hygiene and food safety practices.
  • 4 Stars **** Very good. The business has in place very good hygiene and food safety standards.
  • 3 Stars  *** Good. The business has a good general standard of hygiene and food safety.

Any business that has displayed multiple minor non-compliances or any major non-compliances will not receive a rating and issues will be addressed under Council’s normal enforcement processes. If a council is undertaking enforcement action, then they do not issue a certificate. This eliminates from the program any business that has significant or longstanding food safety issues.

For more information regarding this scheme, please contact Daniel Bennett 6655 7300.