Level 1 Water Restrictions for Bellingen Shire

A view of the Bellinger River from Marx Hill
The Bellinger River - our beautiful and precious water supply

Council actively monitors river levels using data provided by the Department of Primary Industries – Office of Water.  Under its water extraction license, Council must implement Level 1 water restrictions when the flow in the Bellinger River reaches 47 ML/day, and/or when flows in the Bielsdown River reach 20 ML/day. 

Recent data confirms that the flows in the Bellinger and Bielsdown Rivers are now at levels that require the application of Level 1 Water Restrictions.

As a consequence and in order to ensure the sustainable use of our precious water resources, Level 1 water restrictions will commence on Monday 11th September 2017.

A summary of Level 1 Water Restrictions are:

  • Sprinklers and soaker hoses are banned except for newly laid turf, in which case one (1) sprinkler is allowed to be used in the specified hours.
  • Hours of hand watering will be 1 hour every second day between the hours of 4.00pm and 9.00am on alternate days, odd and even numbered days matching house numbers.
  • Vehicles must be washed with a trigger hose or pressure cleaner on a grassed area

In addition, a Water Restrictions Table outlining what is permitted in all levels of water restriction can be found on Council’s website at www.bellingen.nsw.gov.au by following the hyperlink under Notices on the home page.

Bellingen Shire Rangers will be patrolling residential areas to ensure that residents are complying with the restrictions.  For a number of environmental reasons, it is extremely important that consumption decrease over the coming weeks.  River flows will continue to be monitored, but unless significant rain occurs shortly further restrictions may be required.  Residents with special needs are encouraged to contact Council, so that we can discuss and work with your requirements.

For further information contact Council’s Support Officer, Operations, Julie Spokes on 6655 7300.