Libraries Increase Support for Early Readers

Librarian Sue displays early readers
Librarian Sue displays early readers

Take the guesswork out of finding books that will further your child’s reading and literacy skills.

Your libraries have made some changes to assist both parents and children to find the books they need to improve their reading skills.

Libraries in the Bellingen Shire have long been aware of the many benefits that are gained from helping young people to improve their reading skills from an early age. An important part of the library collections have always been the ‘early readers’, or sets of books with identified levels that young readers can make their way through. To make it easier to find these books, our libraries have grouped them together and labelled them as ‘readers’. Parents and carers can now find these on separate shelving in order to help their child select the right level for their reading ability.

According to Shire Librarian, Surinder Kaur, “Countless studies have found that children who enjoy reading from a young age not only have an increased attention span, but also tend to be more creative, curious and imaginative.”

“Early readers are also likely to become more logical thinkers because of their ability to grasp concepts, recognise cause and effect, apply logic to different scenarios and use good judgement. As a result of this knowledge and awareness, early readers are also usually more confident and independent”. Ms Kaur added.

Reading is also a joyful and intimate bonding activity for you and your child and can fit effortlessly into your child’s routine, offering endless worlds, stories and characters to explore together. Finding materials for your early reader can often be frustrating but this simple change should make it much easier for parents and carers to help their child’s reading growth.

In addition to the newly highlighted collection of printed readers, your libraries also provide access to some great reading resources via the internet.  This includes Tumblebooks and the World Book Encyclopaedia’s ‘Early World of Learning’. Both of these are interactive, animated resources that are fun and educational for young readers who enjoy screen-based activities.

Call into your nearest Shire library to check out the display of printed readers, or log onto the libraries website at, and click ‘e-resources’ to find Tumblebooks and The World Book Web.

As always, library staff members are available to assist with your selections and guide you through the website.