Why all the Work?

Council workers on the corner of Hyde and Church Streets
Council workers on the corner of Hyde and Church Streets

The main street of Bellingen is abuzz with activity and right now it takes a keen imagination to visualise its future look and feel.

Hyde Street is currently undergoing an unusual transformation that will result in better traffic flow, improved amenity and more trees.  Similar to a house renovation, once completed, the street will continue to represent the values and beliefs of those who inhabit it.   Everything possible is being done to maintain the townships unique character, history, ambience and charm over the long term.

Similar to plumbing and fitting a bathroom, the main street project is also reliant on trades people and suppliers for specialised materials and services and just like any smart homeowner the project is also seeking best value for money.

Many renovators would be familiar with how difficult it is to engage a skilled and reputable tradesperson for a particular time and day and many would also understand that in a small regional town, materials must sometimes be procured elsewhere.  Council also faces these challenges with the main street works, but is doing everything it can to deliver a project that is fair, practical, timely and economically viable.

Council have engaged many local suppliers to assist with the main street development.  For example, the tiles for the main street were sourced from a supplier in Coffs Harbour and have been specifically chosen for their quality, durability and natural unobtrusive appearance.  Like many Australian suppliers, some of these products are sourced from overseas and just like a homeowner tiling their driveway, Council is dependent on which products are available at the time and which are considered best value for money.

Mayor Dominic King said, “Council is very aware that the community is experiencing a period of inconvenience and is doing everything it can to complete the main street works in as short a timeframe as possible.  We appreciate the community’s ongoing patience during this rare and exceptional time”.

For more information on the main street beautification project please visit Council’s Community Engagement website Create at http://create.bellingen.nsw.gov.au/create-bellingen-town-centre-beautification