Weekly Works Schedule

Schedule for week beginning Monday 31 July  2017




The Bellingen Town Centre  Beautification Project has been jointly funded by Council and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services.  The next two stages of the town Centre beautification will deliver much needed amenities, aesthetics and improvement to infrastructure.  

The next stage at the junction of Oak and Hyde Street will create a landscaped island around the cenotaph enhancing the space for ANZAC ceremonies as well as providing a community space.  These works will also include upgrade of footpaths, kerb and guttering and improvements to pedestrian access.

Current works will include the following:

Monday 31 July 2017:  Works to upgrade the town centre are quickly taking shape with intial paving works at the corner of Oak Street fronting National Australia Bank now completed.  Works have commenced at the cenotaph that will see new gardens and pedestrian refuges installed.  Works to improve the footpath, kerb and guttering out the front of the Purple Carrot and down to the Bellingen Bottleshop have also comemnced.  This will mean changes to traffic and pedestrian activity in this area involving the east bound lane of Waterfall Way with sort intermittent closures for safety of pedestrians.


Slip lane will remain closed adjacent to National Australia Bank to permit works in this vicinity.   

Access to Oak Street will continue to be gained via Hyde Street, west of the Cenotaph whilst the slip lane is closed.

This area will be a 40kph work site and maintained under traffic control.  Pedestrians and motorists are requested to exercise care in this vicinity.

Variable Message Boards signage installed advising the unavoidable  loss of car parking spaces Oak Street during works.

Council apologises for any inconvenience experienced during these works to the community and road users.


The paveliner will be carrying out works to assist with reseal preparation works at:

  • Waterfall Way
  • Dorrigo reseals
  • Coramba Road, Megan
  • Tyringham Road, Dorrigo

Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.  Weather permitting.


Road Surface Improvements and Width Eichmann's Flat, Fernmount

Roads and Maritime Services advises motorists that delays of up to 15 minutes will be experienced at Fernmount from 29 May 2017.

Works to improve the road surface and width is being undertaken 600m east of Tyson Street Fernmount, known as Eichmann's Flat.  Works is scheduled to commence on Monday 29 May and is expected to be completed by end August 2017, weather permitting.

Council is carrying out base works for this section of road.

Work hours will be between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday.


One of the region's most scenic and important transport routes is about to get a $300,000 safety upgrade to reduce the risk of falling rocks. The Hon Melinda Pavey MP advised today that NSW Roads and Maritime Services will be undertaking fencing works about 24km west of Bellingen on Dorrigo Mountain .Works will be carried out Mon 17 July with anticipated completion by end of August 2017 , weather permitting. . Delays of up to 15 minutes may be experienced during work hours being 7am - 6pm . 

Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.

There will be some temporary traffic changes to ensure the safety of motorist sand workers and managed under traffic lights, including lane closures and a reduced speed limit.  Roads and Maritime Services apologies for any inconvenience caused.

For latest traffic information, visit www.livetraffic.com, download Live Traffic App or call the Transport Management Centre on 132 701.






Motorists should plan their trip, allow extra travel time and follow the direction of traffic control and signs. 

The road will be reduced to one lane traffic for the safety of worker and motorist





As part of the Natural Disaster , detailed designs are in progress for the replacement of  Cooks Creek Bridge, Kalang Road, Kalang and McFadyens Bridge,  Gordonville Road, Gleniffer.    The construction of the  new bridges will take place without impacting on the current timber bridges to ensure there is minimal disruption to road users.  Once the bridges are completed the old structures will be removed.  It is anticipated that construction will commence in the coming weeks and with completion anticipated by mid June 2017.

Construction of new Cooks Creek Bridge, Kalang Road, Kalang:

  • Foundations have been completed.
  • Anticipated completion late mid-August 2017.

Construction of McFadyens Bridge, Gordonville Road, Gleniffer:

​The construction works for McFadyens Bridge wa delayed due to the requirement to relocate a Telstra line.  This works have been completed and works will resume late June 2017.

It is anticipated that this project will continue uninterrupted with completion in September 2017.

Reids Creek Bridge, Kalang:

Council is please to advise the completion and opening of Reids Creek Bridge, Kalang.  Handrails will be installed on this bridge.

Council's bridge crew will then carry out maintenance on coastal bridges.

Leans Creek Bridge, Darkwood Road, Thora:

As part of Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Assistance funding works will be under construction works commencing July 2017, weather permitting.

These works include the design and construction of embankment reinstatement to Leans Creek Bridge located 2.8km from the intersection of Waterfall Way on Darkwood Road.

Richardsons Bridge, Darkwood Road, Thora:

As part of Natural Disaster Relief & Recovery Assistance funding, works will be under construction works commencing late June 2017, weather permitting.

These works include the restoration of the existing timber bridge structure to its condition prior to the 2015 flood event. The replacement of damaged components will allow the load limit to be lifted on Richardsons Bridge which is located 14.9km from the intersection of Waterfall Way on Darkwood Road.

Handrails will be placed on bridges on Hungry Head Road.

Bridge maintenance on Council's coastal bridges will be undertaken to chevrons, signage and deck cleaning of various bridges.


Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.

Possible minor delays.

Cooks Creek and McFadyens Bridge are being constructed adjacent to existing bridges and every effort will taken by the contractor to minimise disruption to road users with timely deliveries outside of busy times.




Traffic control in place.  Motorists are requested to exercise care in this vicinity and adhere to any traffic control measures.


















Traffic lights be in place to manage traffic flow during work hours for the duration of this work however manual traffic control will be required at times.

During placement of the piles for the bridge, road users may experience short delays while piles are being positioned for driving for the foundation of the new bridge.  There will be no disruption to school bus operations or emergency services.

Vehicle message boards will display these expected delays.




Council will be undertaking resealing preparation works in the following locations, weather permitting:

  • Hydes Creek Road 0.4km North of Little Hydes Creek Road for a distance of 1.1km - 7 July - 2 August 2017
  • Deer Vale Road from Waterfall Way east end to the start of the gravel section for a distance of 1.3km - 4 to 26 July 2017
  • Coramba Road, Megan between 7.3km and 8.8km - 6 July to 4 August 2017
  • Tyringham Road from Nymboida River Bridge for approx 2kms towards Dorrigo - 11 July to 11 August 2017
  • Old Coramba Road from Coramba Road intersection south for a distance of 1.46km - 13 to 19 July 2017
  • Old Coast Road, Dorrigo from intersection of Tyringham Road east for a distance of 2km - 26 to 31 July 2017
  • Martells Road from Bowraville Road intersection for a distance of 1km - 20 - 25 July 2017

The works will be carried out in July to early August 2017, weather permitting.  Works will involve a combination of vegetation control, shoulder grading and pavement repairs.

These areas will be under Stop and Go traffic control and road users are requested to exercise care and adhere to traffic control and speed limits in place.

Natural Disaster Recovery and Relief Works:

Final funding approval under Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) for repairs to landslips, bridge and culverts has been received and works have been tendered and awarded under these arrangements. Details can be found at:

http://www.bellingen.nsw.gov.au/works-services/road-information/NDRRA-flood-works   and are as follows:

Minor Sites:  There are approximately 190 minor sites. Council is performing the work on approximately 175 of these sites and is on target for completion by 30 June 2017.

Approximately 15 sites have been sent out for quotation with the Contracts expected to be awarded by the end of June 2017 with the works anticipated for completion August 2017.



Shoulder grade works will be undertaken on :

  • Kalang Road heavy formation grade from last of the bitumen for a distance of 4km
  • Reseal preparation for vegetation control of Kalang Road, Kalang

Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.


Vegetation control will be undertaken on Kalang Road, Kalang

Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.


General town maintenance including mowing and edge trimming of all parks and reserves, cleaning of public amenities etc.

Road seal preparation of Old Coramba and Tyringham Roads, Dorrigo area. 

Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.




General maintenance of all parks, amenities and reserves

Mowing operations in Bellingen areas

Maintenance of all gardens throughout the Shire.

General garbage collection.

Maintenance of all cemeteries.


Road users are requested to exercise care in the vicinity of these works and adhere to traffic control in place.


Please use the following hyperlink for further information:

Current Pesticide Use Notifications