Research a property

There are many codes, policies and guidelines that determine what you can do with your property. 

Search for planning information using the Spatial Viewer

The NSW Planning Portal’s Spatial Viewer provides information-rich maps for every address and lot in New South Wales.

You can use the Spatial Viewer to find planning information about a property, such as its land use zoning and whether it is mapped as being bushfire prone. All you need is the address or lot of the property you wish to search for.

Apply for a Planning Certificate

A Planning Certificate contains all the information Council has about planning controls and other issues that may affect a particular parcel of land.

Council issues two types of Planning Certificate under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW): 

  • A section 10.7 (2) certificate provides information on how a property may be used, which planning instruments apply and other restrictions on development.
  • A section 10.7 (5) certificate provides the above information but includes additional Council advice on other matters affecting the land, provided Council has information available.

Access the NSW Planning Portal