A Sustainable Shire

Our Living Coast Alliance 

In 2009, three Councils on the Mid North Coast – Coffs Harbour City Bellingen Shire and Nambucca Shire Councils formed an alliance to work together with residents towards a more sustainable region.

The objectives of the Alliance are to:

  • To improve biodiversity and sustainability outcomes;
  • To increase the community’s ability to achieve environmental improvements and conserve biodiversity in urban areas;
  • To improve the three Councils’ response to sustainability;
  • To build and strengthen local and regional partnerships for better environmental and sustainability outcomes.

Visit www.ourlivingcoast.com.au(link is external) to find out about local events (including produce markets) and news, get great tips to inspire you to live sustainably and enjoy a happy, healthy and rich life.

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State of Environment Report

The Regional State of the Environment (SoE) report for the Northern Rivers CMA region has been released.

Bellingen Shire Council worked in collaboration with 11 other general councils and 3 county councils within the Northern Rivers CMA region of NSW. The NRCMA coordinated this comprehensive SoE report designed to provide a baseline of environmental condition across the region and the participating council areas. This will provide more meaningful data for Councils to make informed decisions in terms of their Environmental Objectives in Community Strategic Plans.

The collaboration between the involved councils and county councils and the range of NSW government agencies shows the strengths of a multi-level partnership approach and has highlights the vast quantity of high quality environmental information gathered at both state and local government level.  This report will serve as baseline for the next State of the Environment Report due in 2022

Report Summary(PDF, 1MB)

Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

Bellingen Shire Council acts to contribute to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. Climate change mitigation is undertaken to reduce the impacts of climate change, mainly through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change adaptation is aimed at limiting the impacts of climate change which cannot be avoided. This includes actions to address sea level rise and creating biodiversity corridors to allow flora and fauna to migrate as the climate changes.

Climate Emergency Declaration

At its Ordinary Meeting on March 27 2019, Bellingen Shire Council resolved to Declare a Climate Emergency.

The declaration acknowledges that Bellingen Shire is being affected by climate impacts, particularly increasing sea level rise, bushfires, heat waves, severe storms, drought and floods.

As part of this declaration Council prepared and adopted a Climate Emergency Response Framework. This serves as a call to take urgent action in rapidly reducing our carbon emissions across all of society, both locally and globally.

Climate Emergency Response Framework(PDF, 2MB)

Corporate Carbon Plan

The Corporate Carbon Plan has been prepared as part of Council’s Climate Emergency Program 2020 – 2030.

Council has been reducing their carbon emissions for several years, guided by the Bellingen Emissions Reduction Plan (BERP) which was due for review in 2020. The new Corporate Carbon Plan replaces the BERP. It sets new carbon reduction targets and, for the first time, sets a renewable energy target. It maps the changes required by council to transition to a carbon neutral organisation by 2040, setting science-based targets in line with those identified by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC).

Corporate Carbon Plan(PDF, 3MB)