Economic Development & Tourism Plan

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Council has commenced the process of developing its new Economic Development and Tourism Plan. Over the next few months, business stakeholders will be canvassed for input into the Plan. Council has engaged NDP Economic Development, who are specialists in developing regional economic plans. They will be calling local business and asking them to participate in a quick survey to inform the Plan.  Questions like:

  1. How would you describe the key characteristics of Bellingen’s economy to a friend?
  2. What's unique/special about Bellingen LGA that needs to be protected/valued (in an EDP)?
  3. What are the big challenges in Bellingen that need to be addressed (in an EDP)? E.g. Lack of job opportunities? Over tourism? Protecting the environment?
  4. What are some business services you wish you could access locally, but can't? E.g. What’s missing? (For a more sustainable local economy.)
  5. What are the issues we need to consider in planning for Bellingen’s future economic prosperity?
  6. What would you like to see local council doing to support local businesses?

Please assist Council and NDP by participating in the consultation to ensure we have the best Plan possible. 

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