Planning Portal

All homeowners in the Bellingen Shire are now required to lodge their Development Applications via the NSW Planning Portal.

 Bellingen Shire Council are now live with online payments for Applications, see Step 4 below for further info.

It is essential that applicants take note of the steps below to prevent any delays in the processing and assessment of Development Applications.

Steps to take prior to lodgement

  • Review our Planning controls and talk to your builder or consultant about complying with all your legal obligations.
  • Consider attending a Pre-Lodgement Meeting to discuss site specifics, complex or large-scale development proposals with our team, or alternatively speak to one of our Planning Officers on 02 6655 7300 to determine exactly what is required to accompany your DA.
  • Read Council's Development Application Lodgement Requirements(PDF, 218KB) to ensure what you are submitting is in line with the requirements and to prevent delays.

How to lodge your application on the NSW Planning Portal

We've outlined some steps to assist you in lodging your application as all Development Applications including Modification or Review of Determination applications are to be lodged through the Planning Portal. Should you encounter any difficulties, refer to our advice under the Support for our Applicants section below.

Step 1.Register or Login

Access the NSW Planning Portal and either login to your account or refer to Register for a Planning Portal account guide to create an account.

Step 2.Enter your development proposal and application details

Enter the application details in the portal using the Submit a Development Application guide. Note, Council no longer have a Development Application Form, the Planning Portal automatically creates a form called a 'Pre-DA form' based on the information provided by the applicant at lodgement. 

To prevent unnecessary delays with the processing of your DA, ensure the following is uploaded in support of your application in line with Council's document naming formats, as outlined on page two of our Lodgement Requirements.

  1. Statement of Environmental Effects (applicable for the majority of Development Applications or a Statement of Modification (for Modification Applications)
  2. A completed Cost Summary Report Form (this is required for all Development Applications with a cost of development above $200,000.00).
  3. Boundary Identification Survey (applicable for the majority of applications, with the exception of change of use or internal alterations only)
  4. Plans - Masterset (a full set of all plans uploaded as one document in the portal under 'Architectural Plans', with the exception of landscape and stormwater plans)
  5. Reports (e.g Geotech, Bushfire, Biodiversity, if applicable)
  6. Payment - Council will contact you separately regarding payment. DO NOT upload payment details to the Planning Portal.

Step 3.Completeness Check (Accept/Return/Additional Information)

Once you have submitted the application through the Portal, Council will review the documentation for completeness within two business days. Based on the information submitted, Council will make a decision to formally accept the application, request additional information from you or return the application

Step 4.Payment of fees

Council are now live with online payments for DAs. Once we have reviewed your application for completeness and are satisfied that it is ready to proceed to formal acceptance and assessment, we will email the Applicant an Invoice with a link to pay online. Online payments are preferred, however if you would like to pay in person, please visit any of Council's customer service centres.


Returned applications & how to relodge

For DAs which have been returned to the applicant due to insufficient information, the Planning Portal now provides the option to Create a new Copy of your DA allowing you to relodge a new application including the additional documentation with ease.

How to lodge additional information

For DAs where minor information is still required, Council will submit a request through the Planning Portal for additional information specifying the timeframe in which the information is required to be submitted. The request will outline exactly what information is required for Council to proceed to formally accepting your application.

Use this guide for instructions on how to lodge additional information in the Portal. Note, it is preferable for applicants to upload all required additional information at the same time.

Contact our Planning Officer on 02 6655 7300 if you have technical queries about the additional information we've requested.