Ageing Well Strategy 2022-2025 Consultation

Submissions closing on 21 August 2022, 05:00 PM


Bellingen Council is inviting input from seniors living in the community and from carers and professionals involved in supporting seniors to assist in developing an Ageing Well Strategy for the Shire

Seniors living in the Bellingen Shire have contributed for many decades: a contribution that continues well into retirement. They contribute to the informal economy as they care for grandchildren, ageing parents, friends and partners and to the social economy as volunteers in a range of roles, organisations and activities.  

The aim of the Ageing Well Strategy is to facilitate future policies and actions that assist older residents to age in age-friendly towns and villages, that provide secure environments and encourage participation and social connection.

There are two important factors driving this work: 

  1. People are living longer, with the Shire being home to an above average older demographic, and
  2. As people live longer they want to add life to their years, to be actively engaged and involved, and to have a voice.

This strategy will recognise the need for opportunities and initiatives that support involvement of older people who age healthfully and actively,  while recognising that there will be vulnerability and dependence at various stages in the life cycle.  The World Health Organisation's research into ageing well, defines it as “the process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age". This includes an older person’s ability, no matter what stage they are at in their life span to:

  • meet their basic needs
  • learn, grow and make decisions
  • be mobile
  • build and maintain relationships, and
  • contribute to society

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Paper copies are available at Council's three Libraries, Hickory House Senior Support Service,  the Neighbourhood Centres of the Bellingen Shire, and the office of the Dorrigo Plateau Aboriginal Land Council. 

Submission close at 5.00pm on 21 August 2022