Keeping Poultry

Schedule 2 Standards enforceable by orders - (Clauses 83-86, 92 and 94)

Part 5 Standards for keeping birds or animals

Division 2 Keeping of poultry

19   Poultry not to be nuisance or health risk

(1)  Poultry must not be kept under such conditions as to create a nuisance or to be dangerous or injurious to health.

(2)  Poultry yards must at all times be kept clean and free from offensive odours.

20   Poultry not to be kept near certain premises

(1)  Fowls (that is, birds of the species Gallus gallus) or guinea fowls must not be kept within 4.5 metres (or such greater distance as the council may determine in a particular case) of a dwelling, public hall, school or premises used for the manufacture, preparation, sale or storage of food.

(2)  Poultry (other than fowls referred to in subclause (1)) must not be kept within 30 metres of any building referred to in subclause (1).

(3)  The floors of poultry houses must be paved with concrete or mineral asphalt underneath the roosts or perches. However, this subclause does not apply to poultry houses:

(a)  that are not within 15.2 metres of a dwelling, public hall or school, or

(b)  that are situated on clean sand.

(4)  Poultry yards must be so enclosed as to prevent the escape of poultry.

(5)  The standards in this clause apply to a person only if the council has served an order under section 124 of the Act to that effect on the person