Gleniffer Road

  • Project typeRoad Renewal Program
  • Project value$5.3 Million
  • Project scheduleImplement
  • Contractor nameEngineering and Civil Contractors
Gleniffer Road - Pot hole 1


Works are due to commence in November 2022. The expected completion date for the Priority 1 Project is April 2023.

APRIL 2023 UPDATE: Additional Funding of $3.5M was awarded in April 2023 to the Gleniffer Road upgrade project. The additional works that can now be undertaken, will mean an extension of approximately 7-8 months onto the project’s timeline.  The expected completion date for the additional funding works is December 2023.





About the Project

Gleniffer Road provides access between Gleniffer and Bellingen as well as access to the popular tourist destination of the Promised Lands and the Never Never River. Gleniffer Road is also a key detour route to the Dorrigo Plateau when Waterfall Way is closed. The upgrade to Gleniffer Road will improve road safety and reliability for local road users and tourists alike. The damage sustained during recent flooding and a general increase in tourism to the area means Gleniffer Road has significantly deteriorated and now requires rehabilitation.

Project Scope

The rehabilitation of Glennifer Road has been broken down into two projects -  'Priority 1 Project' and 'Priority 2 Project'.

Priority 1 Project scope:

  • Minor vegetation clearing
  • Reconstruction of the road formation to reinstate road width
  • Extension of drainage pipes
  • Pavement construction
  • Bitumen road surfacing
  • Safety improvements (Sign and lines)

APRIL 2023 UPDATE: Additional Funding means that the Project Scope will be extended to include “Priority 2 Sections’ which are depicted as Section 2 and Section 3 in the attached Plan.

Community Impacts

  • During the road closure period, there will be a detour available through Roses Road.
  • Works will begin in November 2022, with the upgrade of the Roses and Gleniffer Road South intersection. During these intersection works, Gleniffer Road will remain open, but under traffic control. Access to Roses Road will be available from the Northern intersection only. 
  • In early 2023 rehabilitation works will begin on Gleniffer Road. This will necessitate Gleniffer Road being closed between the Roses Road south and the Roses Road north intersections. Access will be reinstated through Gleniffer Road on weekends for the month of January to provide respite to the Roses Rd residents
  • Due to the increased traffic volume expected on Roses Road, Council will be looking at additional maintenance and grading of Roses Road to alleviate road damage. Dates of these works are to be confirmed
  • Due to the expected increase of traffic on Roses Road there may be some delays experienced during the road closure
  • Notifications to the community will be provided via online channels, letters and VMS boards


APRIL 2023 UPDATE: Thanks to the additional $3.5M in funding received, the project scope has been increased, meaning extension in timeframes/locations to the upgrade works.

  • Additional works will be undertaken for 1.2kms North of the Roses Road North intersection (see map). These works will be in progress for 5-6 months starting in July. This section of road will be under traffic control but will remain open to traffic.
  • The Roses Road detour will be in place for an additional 2-3 months – meaning until the end of July (weather permitting).
  • Additional works will mean an extension of approximately 7-8 months onto the project’s timeline. The new expected completion date is December 2023 (weather permitting). 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the works on Glennifer road be complete?

The section of Gleniffer Road, specifically north of Roses Road to the hall, is expected to be completed by November 2023, assuming favorable weather conditions.

This completion will alleviate the need for reliance on Roses Road. However, it should be noted that the construction timeline for the entire Glennifer Road project is still being determined, as the scope of the project has expanded due to recently secured funding.

The final section of the road will require more time for completion, as there are no available diversions, and the works must be carried out while managing the through traffic effectively.


When will Roses Rd Diversion no longer be needed?

The current section that requires the Roses Road diversion will be complete in 2 months (by the end of July).

The next section from the North of that, up to the hall will take a further 3 months, there will be no diversion in place here, works will be done under traffic control.


Why is the work taking so long?

The work is taking longer than initially anticipated due to an increase in the project scope.

The Council successfully advocated for additional funding, which resulted in the expansion of the project by over 150%. The original budget for the project was $2.2 million, but with the additional funding secured, the budget has now exceeded $5 million.

This increase in funding allowed for the completion of more sections of Gleniffer Road, which extended the overall duration of the project.

Despite the extended timeline, the Council is committed to ensuring the successful completion of the project within the revised budget and will keep the public advised of the new timelines imposed and communicated through the council website and social channels.


how are the speed limits set and who is monitoring this road regarding speed limiting?

The speed limits on Roses Road are monitored by the Council to ensure safe travel for motorists, taking into account factors such as road conditions and traffic volumes, to determine appropriate speed limits, however important to note that Council isnt the enforcer of these limits but works in conjunction with the police.

This ongoing communication and monitoring helps maintain a safe environment for all road users.


Do we have workers there every day of the week?

Throughout the project, workers have been present consistently on-site.

However, work is subject to weather conditions and importantly Council has stringent protocols in place to ensure our workers manage fatigue, therefore rostering may vary dependent on the availability of resources.

Non-workdays are exceptions rather than the norm on this project, and every effort is made to ensure regular progress and minimise any disruptions to the work schedule.




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