What is Integrated Planning & Reporting

The NSW Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) framework encourages councils to better integrate their various plans and ensure a holistic approach is adopted for the future. Council must prepare a number of plans, which provide details on how we intend to deliver works and services in the short and long term, based on priorities that have been identified through community consultation and engagement.

Reporting framework

The Reports required under Integrated Planning and Reporting are designed to link and report on progress, milestones and common issues. 

IPR Framework.png

Major Documents

  • The Community Vision identifies long term goals and priorities for the community and the local government area.
  • The Delivery Program (DP) identifies what parts of the Community Strategic Plan the Council is responsible for, and allows the Council to set out specific priorities for the term of office.
  • The Operational Plan (OP) specifies the activities to be undertaken each year in support of the delivery program.
  • The Resourcing Strategy holistically describes the key resourcing requirements and it is made up of the 10 year financial plan; the workforce strategy and assets management policy, strategy and plans.

The framework is designed to help improve the sustainability of the community, the local government area, and the Council.