CCTV's at Bellingen Cemetery to deter anti-social behaviour

Published on 20 January 2023

Landscape shot of Cemetery

Over the past few months Bellingen Cemetery has become the meeting site for late-night parties, leading to anti-social conduct such as traffic offences, underage drinking, and offensive behaviour.  In response to these developments, Bellingen Shire Council will be installing CCTV security cameras at the site, to deter young people from gathering there for such activities.

On Saturday evening, 14 January 2023, the Police were called to out to the Bellingen Cemetery, where it was reported 200 - 250 youths were gathered, many of whom were drinking alcohol, lighting explosives and abusing Police. The Bellingen Shire Mayor, Cr Steve Allan said, “This behaviour is unacceptable and very worrying to the community. There are residents in the area who are bearing the brunt of the noise pollution and are scared in their homes when these unwelcome gatherings occur. The cemetery is the place where our community come to remember their loved ones who are no longer with us, it is not appropriate that large gatherings of partygoers are congregating there."

“While there is no simple solution to unsolicited parties, the Council will install CCTV cameras at the site, to deter youth from congregating at this location. This is only a provisional solution to disperse the crowd, and I urge the local parents of our teenagers, to discourage involvement in these events. These unsolicited bush parties are putting our young people at unnecessary risk.”

As a result, mobile CCTV camera’s will be installed at the location, to ensure our local police can monitor and document the movement of traffic at the cemetery. This decision has been welcomed by local Police and residents, and will address the immediate issue at the Cemetery site. The Council also funds a range of services to help address the wider issue of anti-social behaviour in our community.

The Bello Youth Hub has a range of programs and services that provide support to young people to assist in dissuading anti- social behaviour. Our local youth workers are trained in programs focused on education and prevention such as Save A Mate – a drug and alcohol workshop that teaches young people how to look after themselves and their friends, and teaches them how to administer first aid in a drug or alcohol emergency. The Hub will soon have a dedicated Alcohol & Drug (AOD) outreach worker available 2 days a week to support youth with alcohol and drug use concerns. These initiatives have been proven effective as intervention-based programs, educating teens in the early stages of adulthood.

If you are witness to anti-social behaviour in our local area, call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Further information can be obtained from Communications and Engagement Lead on 6655 7300 or by emailing