Food Businesses

Thinking of setting up a new food business, taking over an existing business or just need some general information?  The answers to the most common enquiries received by Council can be found in the information below.

Service NSW now offers a free service to help you with the setup of a new cafe, restaurant or small bar with free access to their Easy to Do Business program.

Fixed Food Business

Home Based Food Business

Mobile Food Vendors

Temporary Food Business/Vendors

Charities & Not for Profit Groups

General Legal Requirements

All food businesses are required to comply with the requirements of food safety legislation, namely:

  • Food Act 2003 (NSW)
  • Australian/New Zealand Food Standards Code

This legislation sets out minimum requirements for structure, food handling practices and cleanliness of which you need to be aware if you are operating a food business.  As a food business proprietor, it is your responsibility to identify the food safety risks relevant to your particular business and ensure that suitable controls are in place to manage those risks.

To identify and control food safety risks, you should make sure you are appropriately trained and where applicable, ensure Food Safety Supervisor training is implemented in the business.

The NSW Food Authority has factsheets and guidelines that will help you identify risks and appropriate controls.