Health & Wellbeing

Water Bottle Filling Stations

Stay hydrated while out and about in the Bellingen Shire by filling up your water bottle at one of five Water Bottle Filling Stations at the following locations:Water Filling Station

  • Morgo Street Urunga, opposite the Caravan Park;
  • Hyde Street Bellingen, outside the Bellingen Visitor Information Centre;
  • Corner Hyde and Church Streets, Bellingen;
  • Outside Amenities Building, Church Street Bellingen;
  • Hickory Street Dorrigo, outside NAB Bank

Water sourced from Council's town water supply.

Make Healthy Normal Campaign

With over half the adults in NSW overweight or obese, being unhealthy has become normal. Just a handful of belly fat increases risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes. The Make Healthy Normal campaign is about changing people’s perceptions around what is ‘normal’ behaviour.

Key messages include:
small dumbells

  • Sit less move more
  • Make healthy eating normal

Why not join the ‘Make Healthy Normal’ movement by going to the Make Healthy Normal website, at  or Facebook page, and sign up for the free, 10 week program designed to help people make small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference to their health.

With the start of 2017, many North Coast residents use the beginning of a new year to start fresh.  Healthy eating, diet trends and a renewed lease on exercise are all common place in the month of January.  

But what if you can’t get out the front door as the task ahead feels too overwhelming?

What if your sitting at home with all the right tools (new trainers, gym membership, etc...) but can’t find the motivation to get out of the house?

What if worry is getting the way of a good nights sleep?

NewAccess - Coaching you through tough times

NewAccess is facilitated by the North Coast Primary Health Network and is funded by beyondblue and is a FREE program that can support people over 18 towards reaching their goals.  People can access the service over the phone (or face to face at select locations) and reaches people who are experiencing symptoms such as lack of motivation, insomnia, stress and other life challenges.

The NewAccess Coaches are located up and down the North Coast and act like personal trainers but for your mental wellbeing.  They provide coaching support through a guided self help approach delivering the service to people from all walks of life helping them take action towards feeling good again.

People can self refer by calling 1300 137 934 or can make an inquiry on the beyondblue website linked here:

Learning how to self manage symptoms of depression and/or anxiety can prevent a more serious presentation in the future. See the following link for a video about Depression by the World Health Organisation that describes symptoms of depression and some important factors in recovery.  'I had a black dog, his name was depression'

NewAccess - a beyondblue initiative, referral information call 1300 137 934 or visit

Healthy Minds referral information call 1300 137 237  or visit