Incident Claim Reporting

Should you wish to make a claim against the Council for loss or damage allegedly arising from an incident you are reporting, please complete the claim form below and provide Council with the specified information. This will then allow Council to assess your claim.

Please note:

Before the Council is obliged to pay compensation for any injury, loss or damage sustained, it must be established that this injury, loss or damage was caused through negligence on the part of the Council, or employees or agents of the Council. 

In order to enable Council to establish the facts of the incident, loss or damage sustained and process the claim more expediently, please provide the evidence requested in the form in support of your claim. 


Incident/Claim Form  (PDF) (60.52 KB)


Brett Hannaford
Governance & Corporate Planning Officer
6655 7300

Incidents occurring on Waterfall Way

RMS Claim Form - use this form for any matters arising from incidents on Waterfall Way