Policies Procedures and Guidelines


Affordable Housing
Art (Public) Policy (PDF - 760.83KB)
Asbestos Information Sheet (PDF - 51.33KB)
Asset Management Policy
Audio Recording of Council, Committe and Advisory Committee Meetings Policy (PDF - 108KB)


Banner Poles Guidelines (PDF - 232.68KB)
Burning (Control of) Policy (PDF)


Categorisation as a Business Policy (PDF)(63 KB)
Categorisation as Residential Policy (PDF - 70 KB)
Climate Change Policy (PDF - 57.22KB)
Code of Conduct and Procedures for the Administration of the Model Code of Conduct  (PDF) 
Code of Meeting Practice
Community Engagement Policy (PDF - 138.11KB)
Community Engagement Strategy - Revised June 2015 (PDF)
Community Events Notice Boards Policy and Guidelines (PDF) (85.23 KB)
Complaints Handling Policy & Procedures (PDF - 56.49KB)
Compliance and Enforcement Policy (PDF) (210 KB)
Contaminated Lands Policy (PDF)(335KB)
Contaminated Lands Policy Guidelines (PDF)(540KB)
Contribution for Sealing of Unsealed (Gravel) Roads Policy
Contributions Plans (see s94 Contributions Plans) 
Control of Burning Policy - see Burning (Control of) Policy
Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy
Council Managed Tree Policy (PDF)(64 KB)
Councillor Access to Information & Interaction between Staff Policy (PDF - 61.99KB)
Customer Service Charter - Adopted September 2013 (PDF) (404.19 KB)



Erection of Fingerboard Directional Signage for tourist Oriented Businesses within Bellingen Shire Policy (PDF)(423KB)


Financial Planning Policy (PDF) (44.33 KIB)
Fingerboard Signage - see Erection of Fingerboard Directional Signage for tourist Oriented Businesses within Bellingen Shire Policy
Footpath Activities Policy (PDF) (715KB)
Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy


GIPA Agency Information Guide - February 2017
Grafitti Register July 2016-June 2018


Hardship Policy (including application form) (PDF)(826KB)
Heritage Listed Weeds Species Policy (PDF - 143.28KB)


Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework
Internal Reporting Policy (Model) (PDF) (212KB)
Investment Policy 


Leases Policy - see Property Leases Policy
Levying of Water and Sewer Availability Charges Following Extension of a Reticulated Main Policy (PDF - 38 KB)
Liquid Trade Waste (see Trade Waste)
Lobbying Councillors (PDF - 223.75KB)
Local Preference Policy (PDF - 91.69 KB)
Low Presure Sewer Systems Policy - Adopted June 2017
   *   Accredited Mono Sewer Package Pump Station Installers - Oct 13 (PDF) (9.45 KB)


Media and Communications Policy (PDF) (90 KB)
Social Media Policy (PDF)


Noxious Weeds Policies



Payment of Expenses and Provision of Facilities to Councillors Policy (PDF)
Privacy Statement & Privacy Management Plan
Procurement Policy (PDF - 222KB)
Property Leases & Licenses Policy (PDF) 


Rating Policies
Recognition of Service Policy (PDF - 266.13KB)
Records Policy (PDF - 219.93KB)
Register for Recording of Voting on Planning Matters
Related Party Disclosure Policy (PDF)(145 KB)
Rest Area Policy
Revenue Policy 2018/2019
Risk Management Policy


Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats)
Section 355 Committee Guidelines - Updated July 2018
Social Media Policy (see under Media)
Statement of Business Ethics  (PDF) (75.23 KB)
Statement of Recognition (PDF - 266.13KB)
Street Trading Protocols for Local, Charitable & Community Organisations (PDF - 28.17KB)
Sustainability Policy (PDF - 680.66KB)


Trade Waste (Liquid)  (PDF)
Trees - Council Managed Tree Policy (PDF)(64 KB)


Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy (PDF) (165.58 KB)


Vegetation Management - see Noxious Weeds
Volunteer Policy


Water Usage Charges Relief Policy (PDF - 91 KB)