Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats)

The introduction of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) made secondary dwellings (granny flats) permissible with consent on residential zoned land in all local government areas of NSW including the Bellingen Shire from 2009.

In February 2014, our local planning instrument (the Bellingen Local Environmental Plan 2010) was amended to also allow secondary dwellings with consent in certain rural areas of the Shire, specifically on land zoned:

  • RU1 Primary Production
  • RU2 Rural Landscape
  • RU4 Primary Production Small Lots

A secondary dwelling is a self-contained dwelling with a maximum floor area of 60m2 that is built on a lot already containing a dwelling.  Secondary dwellings can be occupied by any person and offer a range of social and sustainability benefits such as encouraging greater levels of urban consolidation, offering a more affordable housing choice for small households, singles and couples and allowing for a transition in dwelling size as people move through age and family cycles.

Council has recently relaxed applicable development controls and continues to waive all development contributions that the construction of a secondary dwelling would normally attract.

For further information about secondary dwellings and the development or complying application process a fact sheet has been prepared which can be downloaded from this page.

Access the applicable development controls for secondary dwellings as extracted from the Bellingen Shire Development Control Plan (DCP) 2017, by following the link to Section 2.6.4 of Chapter 2 – Multiple Dwelling Construction of the DCP 2017.


Fact Sheet 1 - Secondary Dwellings
Affordable Housing Project - Media Release - February 2015


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