Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flats)

State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 now permits the construction of secondary dwellings or 'granny flats' in most residential zones.

A secondary dwelling is by definition no greater than 60m2 in area. They can be occupied by any person and offer a range of social and sustainability benefit such as encouraging greater levels of urban consolidation and allowing for transition in dwelling size as people move through age and family cycles.

A great starting point, if you are considering doing a secondary dwelling or granny flat is the Department of Planning and Infrastructure's website where you will find Fact Sheets about the various forms of secondary dwellings and responses to Frequently Asked questions.

In order to encourage and make these forms of development easier for people Council has streamlined the development controls applicable and also reduced the development contributions that constructing a second dwelling would normally attract.


Fact Sheet 1 - Secondary Dwellings
Affordable Housing Project - Media Release - February 2015


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