Looking after Dangar Falls Reserve

In December 2013, Council completed Stage One of the pathway upgrade which installed seventy meters of raised timber walkway to replace the steep section of the old bitumen pathway to improve the safety, accessibility and appearance of this important environmental and community asset.  Stage One was enabled by Council’s Environmental Levy.   

In June 2015, CoDangar Fallsuncil completed Stage Two of the pathway upgrade which installed an additional fifty-two meters of raised timber walkway to replace the old bitumen path linking the Stage One walkway with the existing timber walkway at the base of the falls.  Council received funding for the Stage Two upgrade from the State Government’s Public Reserves Management Fund Program.

In partnership with dedicated community volunteers, Council also constructed the Labyrinth (a winding paved pathway) in 2013 with funding from the ETC Community Support Fund, Dorrigo Expansive Education Program and Dorrigo Arts Council.

Ongoing bush regeneration continues at this site, which includes an area of Antarctic Beech cool temperate rainforest, which has considerable conservation significance.  Species of significance include Nothofagus moorei (Antarctic Beech) and Denhamia moorei (Mountain Denhamia).  The current priority is strategic treatment of privet, fog grass, wandering jew and honeysuckle with a particular focus on clearing weeds around native plant seedlings.  This approach promotes the natural growth of native seedlings by removing competition from smothering weeds without causing over exposure.

Download: Dangar Falls Reserve POM 2015 - Part A 
Download: Dangar Falls Reserve POM 2015 - Part B