Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

Bellingen Shire Council acts to contribute to climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation. Climate change mitigation is undertaken to reduce the impacts of climate change, mainly through the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change adaptation is aimed at limiting the impacts of climate change which cannot be avoided. This includes actions to address sea level rise and creating biodiversity corridors to allow flora and fauna to migrate as the climate changes.

Bellingen Emissions Reduction Program (BERP)

Highlights in the implementation of the program to date are:

  • installation of a Solar Photovoltaic system on Dorrigo Pool;
  • installation of solar hot water at Bellingen Pool;
  • Installation of variable speed drives on the blowers at the Bellingen Waste Water Treatment Plant (one of the largest consumers of electricity in the Shire);
  • upgraded lighting at Urunga Library and a number of other Council facilities;
  • planting of 1,500 local eucalypt and rainforest plant species on Council managed land during 2013/14 to offset carbon emissions

Council is continually identifying opportunities for the installation of renewable energy supply and efficiency measures in its facilities. Dollar savings achieved through the implementation of these measures are calculated and deposited back into Council’s Revolving Energy Fund, to be spent on future initiatives.


Bellingen Shire Climate Change Action Plan
Agenda - Ordinary Meeting - Wednesday 22 April, 2015 - refer to page 40 for how we are tracking in reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (April 2015)

Bellingen Shire Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Council, in partnership with Nambucca Shire Council, Kempsey Shire Council, and the Australian Government, have undertaken a climate change risk assessment of each of the Shires, from which Shire specific adaptation plans have been developed. This was carried out in accordance with the Federal Government's Local Adaptation Pathways Program (LAPP).

Bellingen Climate Risk Report 2010 (PDF 3.02MB)
BSC Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2010 (PDF 912KB)

Car Pool Mid North Coast

A free online service for anyone who wants to save money, meet new people and reduce their carbon footprint while travelling to work or study. It takes two minutes to register, then Carpool Mid North Coast will search its database and the database of Northern Rivers Carpool to easily match you with other people travelling in the same direction.

Power Mate Energy Meters available at local libraries

Power Mate Lite energy meters can now be borrowed from Bellingen, Urunga and Dorrigo libraries. These easy to use meters enable the measurement of electricity, greenhouse gas emissions and cost of running appliances within your home. 

When you hire the Power Mate Lite download the excel spreadsheet that will help you with the calculations required to complete the Bellingen Shire Council Home Energy Worksheet.


BSC Home Energy Worksheet (XSL 114KB)