Environmental Levy Community Fund

Bellingen Shire Council applied to the minister for Local Government in May 2005 for a special variation to General Income for environmental projects. On 30 June 2005 Council received notice that an increase of 4% was approved. Information on the projects that have been undertaken with these funds can be found here.

As identified in the Shire of Bellingen 2030 Community Vision, the environment levy supports the implementation of projects to achieve the strategic directions, outcomes and aspirations for the future from our local community. The key focus areas are as follows;

  • Invasive plant management 
  • Biodiversity management;
  • Coastline, estuary and river management;
  • Sustainable food production; &
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Council Managed Projects

All projects are endorsed by Council's Environment Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) prior to going to Council.

Environment Sustainability Advisory Committee

Bellingen Shire Council is committed to community participation to ensure the delivery of high quality, accessible and relevant services across the region that reflect the needs and wishes of the communities Council represents. One important component of this is the establishment of Advisory Committees.  

These Committees will assist Council to ensure mechanisms are in place to secure appropriate community participation at all levels of the consultation process and to ensure that community needs are recognised in all aspects of service planning and delivery.

The Committee is an Advisory Committee to Council, and as such, the committee is responsible for providing advice and recommendations to Council. The Committee must act in accordance with the Council’s Model Code of Conduct and general meeting practices. It must also keep Council advised of what it is doing. Many of the guidelines in this Manual are there to ensure that Council is aware of the Committee’s activities. 

The ESAC meets on a quarterly basis to discuss strategic environmental issues, and provide technical input to the following area;

  • Invasive plant management
  • Biodiversity management;
  • Coastline, estuary and river management;
  • Sustainable food production; &
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation

Environmental Levy Community Fund Grant Program

A portion of Environmental Levy income has been allocated to the delivery of Council’s Environmental Levy Community Fund grant program. Funding applications can be made by community groups to deliver projects up to a maximum value of up to $5,000 each, implemented on public land or land that is readily accessible to the public. The focus is on projects which:

  • Concentrate their activities at the local level, across the shire;
  • Maintain and/or protect existing environmental achievements and/or assets;
  • Develop programs or projects which build community capacity;
  • Contribute to behaviour change outcomes;
  • Meet environmental sustainability priorities identified in BSCs 2030 Community Vision; and
  • Foster innovative and creative solutions which meet an identified environmental sustainability need.

Community groups who are successful in gaining funding under this program are encouraged apply for external grants where appropriate to match, and therefore maximise the funds.


Manager of Sustainability & Natural Resources
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