Small Business to keep our main streets vibrant

Church Street footpath area

Bellingen Shire is lucky to have a wide range of small independent businesses attracting people to Bellingen, Dorrigo and Urunga town centres.

These centres have retained their street-based shopping strips, rare in many coastal areas where big box malls and chain stores have replaced the traditional main street environment. Great main streets are busy and lively places and Council encourages businesses to utilise the footpath outside their premises, where space allows, to add to the buzzing atmosphere and attract people to stop, shop and socialise in the streets.

“As a member of the State Government’s Small-Business Friendly Councils Group, Bellingen Shire Council has worked hard to simplify processes for businesses wanting to use the footpath outside their shops. Council’s Footpath Activities Policy encourages the display of goods and outdoor dining whilst ensuring footpaths provide enough space for pedestrian accessibility, especially for people with a disability” said Deputy General Manager Operations, Matt Fanning.

Getting the required approval to trade on the footpath is now simpler and faster and no fees will be charged for applications until 24 May 2018.

Businesses who have not yet taken advantage of the fee waiver are encouraged to submit a simple application to Council before the fee-free period runs out.

For more information read Council’s Footpath Activities Policy and how to apply for approval or telephone Council on 6655 7300.