Urunga Wetlands Walk Now Open

Since 2015 the Department of Crown Lands, with assistance from the NSW Environmental Trust and NSW Resources and Energy, has been undertaking a major land remediation project at 1 Hillside Drive in Urunga.

History of the site

Between 1969 and 1974 an antimony processing plant which processed ore extracted from the Wild Cattle Creek mine in Dorrigo was in operation at the site. Over this 5 year period waste and other toxic materials generated by the operation were discarded on to the site and into the surrounding wetland areas. This caused a devastating effect on the ecology of the sensitive Station Creek wetlands which feeds into the Urunga lagoon. 

Over the past 2 years the site which is owned by Crown Lands has undergone a significant transformation with over 10 million dollars of investment by the NSW Government to remediate the site and turn it into community parkland. During this project over 36,000 tonnes of contaminated soils were treated at the site and placed in an onsite containment cell. Since its completion water quality of the wetlands has returned to acceptable levels and birds and other wildlife have started to return.  

The site - now

The site is now open to the public and includes a 450m scenic track around the park and wetlands, and includes a 150m boardwalk that stretches out over the wetland.    


Factsheet - The Story of the Urunga Wetlands


Urunga Wetlands Walk

Urunga Wetlands Walk aerial