Help Emergency Personnel find your Property

Being able to provide the following information to Emergency Service personnel will greatly reduce the response time during an emergency:

  1. Know your own property (house) GPS coordinates (or Latitude – Longitude coordinates) in decimal format.

  2. Display very visible rural address at the entrance to your property (meaning large and accurate) – keep number display area cleared of undergrowth.

  3. Disclose any known common medical conditions (such as heart problems, diabetes or allergies)

  4. Disclose any alternative access routes to your property – must be readily accessible by say ambulance and not for instance fire trails.

  5. Create your own Emergency Plan to implement if you are cut-off and evacuate early if required.

  6. Identify all weather helicopter landing sites on your property or around the area in general (sites must be a cleared area 50 metres square and well away from power lines and other potential hazards).

  7. Share the information with neighbours as a self-help type group whilst respecting privacy concerns.

  8. Record and display all this information so it is readily accessible to yourselves and neighbours (on the fridge).

A reliable source to access your house co-ordinates is Six Maps, this is a browser based mapping tool which has been developed NSW Land and Property Information.