Meet the Author @ Bellingen Library

Come along and meet a compelling new voice in the Australian fiction scene, Julie Keys, as she unveils her debut novel The Artists Portrait and explores questions of biography, truth and fiction.

The Ritchel Prize nominated author will take up residence at the Bellingen Library on Tuesday 19 November 2019 between 3:30pm – 4:30pm to discuss her novel which details early 20th-century Sydney in all its squalor, debauchery and fascinating historical detail.

The Artists Portrait is a story about art, murder and making your place in history and revolves around the life of a lady who claims to be Muriel Kemp, the only problem is that the year is 1992 and many claim that the real Muriel Kemp died in 1936.

Murderer, narcissist, sexual deviant or artistic genius and a woman before her time, who is the real Muriel Kemp? To find out more come along and meet author Julie Keys and investigate the life and times of Muriel Kemp during Sydney’s bohemian 1920’s.

To book your spot simply call Bellingen Library staff on 02 6655 1744 or go to