Vandalism of Bellingen Main Street Beautification Works

Cnr Hyde & Oak Streets Intersection
Cnr Hyde & Oak Streets Intersection

Sadly on Sunday 26 November Council’s outdoor staff working on the Bellingen Main Street project discovered a newly planted Firewheel Tree had been snapped in half and around a dozen small plants stolen from various garden beds at the Hyde and Oak Street Intersection.

In addition to this, on Wednesday evening 29 November, one of the bollards from the cenotaph area was ripped from the pavement with force and stolen.

The plants have now been replaced and a new bollard and Firewheel Tree have been ordered.

“To think that some people find it acceptable behaviour to destroy public property is disheartening but the fact that Council staff who have worked hard under difficult circumstances to progress this project now have to repair the damage and add further disruption to the community is extremely disappointing”, said Deputy General Manager Operations, Matt Fanning.

“This is just adding to the cost and delays the finalisation of the current stage of the project.  The behaviour of a few people affects our whole community and reflects badly on our town”, added Mr Fanning.

Surveillance cameras in the area are currently being checked in an attempt to find the culprits.

The matter has been referred to the police and anyone with further information is urged to contact Council’s Operations Division on 6655 7300 or Bellingen Police on 6655 1444.