Water Restriction Levels Signage

Residents and visitors will have noticed the six new signs at the entrances to the townships of Dorrigo, Bellingen and Urunga displaying the current level of Water Restrictions.

The signs are a permanent fixture with the number or letter that signifies the current level, being interchangeable and displayed in red.

The water restriction levels are determined by the NSW Office of Water for the North Coast of NSW to ensure every Council in the region has the same water restriction levels and definitions, however trigger points when the restriction is imposed are set by individual Councils.  The levels are:

  • Water Conservation Measures (C)
  • Level 1 – Moderate (1)
  • Level 2 – High (2)
  • Level 3 – Very High (3)
  • Level 4 – Severe (4)
  • Emergency (E)

The current level for the Bellingen Shire is Water Conservation Measures or ‘C’ on the signs.   This level is the lowest and means no unattended hoses are to be used between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm.

Council’s General Manager, Liz Jeremy said “While our community is very aware of the importance of conserving water and being water wise at all times, the unseasonal weather currently being experiencing reminds us that we need to be extra vigilant to preserve this precious resource.”

To learn of ways to reduce water usage in the home and garden visit Council’s website and follow the link from the Water and Sewer section.

A detailed description of what each water restriction level involves is also available on Council’s website or contact Council’s Customer & Business Support Officers on 6655 7300 during office hours.

water restriction levels signage