Proposed Road Closings

Under Section 35 of the Roads Act 1993, notice is given that the Minister for Natural Resources, Lands and Water will consider the closing of a road in connection with a road closing application proposed by Council.

Council (acting on behalf of the Minister) will receive submissions regarding the proposal.  All submissions received will be referred to the Minister’s delegate for a decision regarding the proposed road closing.

The road under consideration comprises Council public roads known as:

  1. Short Street Lane, Bellingen – section to be closed is approx. 0.15m wide adjoining the boundary of Lot 5, DP 758084.  Purpose of this closure to formalise the encroachment of the dwelling on Council’s road reserve.
  2. McNally Street, Bellingen – a triangular section of the road proposed to be closed adjoins the northern boundary of Lot 18, DP 23405.  The proposed closure will align the adjoining boundaries to provide a more symmetrical road boundary and formalise the road reserve.
  3. South Street, Bellingen – Eastern section – adjoined by Lot 8, DP 758084, Lot A, DP 383196 and Lot 1, DP 306492 .  This section of road contained a section of Cemetery Creek and has a formed road to the west of the intersection with Oak Street.
  4. Nambucca Street, Urunga – Owners of Lot 2, DP 569578 has made application to close a section of lane (Council public road) that adjoins Nambucca Street.  This section of road is surplus to Council’s requirements.
  5. High Street, Urunga – Council has received an application to close a section of lane that runs from Pilot to High Street, Urunga.  Closure of this lane would deny pedestrian access from High Street to Pilot Street.

All interested persons are invited to make submissions concerning the proposal to the General Manager, Bellingen Shire Council, PO Box 117 Bellingen NSW 2454, within twenty-eight (28) days of the date of this advertisement.

Regarding the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act, information contained in such submissions may, at the discretion of Bellingen Shire Council and NSW Trade & Investment (Crown Lands), be referred to the person(s) who initiated the proposal for appropriate consideration.