Public Exhibition

PUBLIC EXHIBITION OF PLANNING PROPOSAL 15 - Reclassify land at Lookout Road from Community to Operational

Notice is given of the public exhibition of a Planning Proposal for the amendment of Bellingen Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010.

Subject land

  • Part of Reserve R87120, at Lookout Rd, Bellingen

The Planning Proposal

The objective of the proposed LEP amendment is as follows:

  1. To reclassify Part of Reserve R87120 from ‘’Community land’’ to ‘’Operational Land’’.

The land has been historically used for vehicular access.  Upon re-classification, it is also intended to declare the land as a public road, to ensure ongoing access for the general public, as well as ongoing legal access to an adjoining parcel of private land.

The Planning Proposal and other required documents will be available for viewing at the Council Administration Centre Bellingen and the Bellingen Library from Thursday 28 March 2019 until Friday 26 April 2019. A copy of the Planning Proposal will also be available for viewing on Council’s engagement website, Create.

Council invites interested parties to make a written submission regarding the Planning Proposal. Submissions will be received up until 4.30pm on Friday 26 April 2019.

In this instance, Council has not been provided with delegated authority to make the LEP as the approval of the Governor is required.

The Relevant Planning Authority (RPA) for the Planning Proposal is Bellingen Shire Council. Written submissions should be addressed to;

The General Manager
Bellingen Shire Council
PO Box 117

For further details please contact Daniel Bennett, Senior Strategic Planner (Land Use Services) on 6655 7352 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Mondays to Fridays.


NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 7 of the Roads Regulation 2008 that Council is proposing to name the sections of road described hereunder:

Road No

Proposed Name



Urunga Heights Drive

From Giinagay Way to Lomandra Circuit


Angophora Crescent

From Urunga Heights Drive to Urunga Heights Drive


Teak Crescent

From Urunga Heights Drive to Urunga Heights Drive


Hekea Street

From Urunga Heights Drive to Teak Crescent


Dianella Drive

From Urunga Heights Drive to Lomandra Circuit


Eucalyptus Drive

From Dianella Drive heading South West for approximately 400m


Penda Circuit

From Eucalyptus Drive to Dianella Circuit


Corymbia Crescent

From Eucalyptus Drive to Eucalyptus Drive


Lomandra Circuit

From Urunga Heights Drive to Urunga Heights Drive


Quandong Avenue

From Urunga Heights Drive heading South for approximately 600m


Backhousia Street

From Quandong Avenue to Urunga Heights Drive


Teatree Street

From Quandong Avenue to Urunga Heights Drive


Featherwood Street

From Quandong Avenue to Urunga Heights Drive


Samphire Street

From Lomandra Circuit to Quandong Avenue


Sheoak Street

From Quandong Avenue to Lomandra Circuit

A map showing the above location may be viewed at the Council Chambers, Hyde Street, Bellingen and the Dorrigo and Urunga Libraries during normal business hours from Wednesday 20 March 2019 to Wednesday 17 April 2019.

Enquiries should be directed to Barry Fenning Land Information Officer on 02 6655 7300 Monday to Friday, between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

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