Use of Vehicles on Beaches

Beach Protection

The beaches and frontal dunes are the front line defenses of the land against the sea. Storms take away many tonnes of sand from the dunes and beaches to form underwater barriers which reduces the eroding action of the waves. Once the sea has returned to normal the under water barriers are again deposited on the beaches and the sand dunes reformed for the next cyclic action.

Any interference with the dunes on even a small scale, such as wheel tracks, foot tracks etc., destroys the stability of that dune, depleting the available sand, and the sea quickly erodes the unstable areas.

Bellingen Shire Council has implemented a Beach Management Plan to regulate access to and use of beaches by vehicles. The beach access points and restricted areas are shown on the downloaded maps.


  • All vehicles must use approved access points. Vehicles will only be permitted on those sections shown on the maps.
  • The use of vehicles on any portion of the frontal dunes is totally prohibited.
  • All vehicles should use low tide level where firm sand will be found when ever possible.
  • All vehicles using beaches must be registered with the Roads and Maritime Services.
  • Speed limit is a maximum of 35km/h.


Policing of these regulations will be carried out by Council Rangers on a regular basis.  To report breaches please contact Council's Ranger.


Council Ranger
Operations Division
ph: 6655 7300

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