Outdoor Fitness Centre - Dorrigo

Keeping your body limbered up in a fun way is becoming easier with the installation of exercise equipment designed for adults in Coronation Park in Dorrigo.

The equipment includes:

  • a stepper
  • an 'ezy' rider  
  • a cycle seat
  • a rowing machine
  • a cross trainer
  • a shoulder press
  • a butterfly press

The equipment was purchased and installed with funds from NSW Ageing and Disability and the Heart Foundation Healthy Planning Award.

Anyone who just wants an easy way to stay active can follow the simple how to instructions on the signs beside each item of equipment. The equipment is spaced so that it can be use individually or as a circuit.

Staying active through regular exercise helps people feel better and live longer and can assist in the prevention of disease. The equipment can be used for exercises that either improve endurance or staying power or strengthen muscles or improve balance.

Coronation Park is a family park on the corner of Hickory & Pine Street Dorrigo opposite the Dorrigo Support Centre and the Library.

Come and try the exercise equipment to start or to keep yourself fit.

Exercise Equipment