Community Precinct Safety Consultation

<p class="rtecenter"><strong>COMMUNITY INVITATION</strong></p>

<p class="rtecenter"><strong>Community Precinct Safety Consultation</strong></p>

<p class="rtecenter"><strong>2018</strong></p>

<p class="rtecenter"><strong>Bellingen Council Chambers</strong></p>

<p class="rtecenter"><strong>Wednesday 25th July 8.30am</strong></p>

<p>Community members are welcome to attend the Community Precinct Safety Consultation (CPSC), taking place prior to the Council Meeting.</p>

<p>This open community forum is initiated by the Coffs Clarence Police District and will be supported by the Bellingen Shire Council. The focus will be on sharing information around crime trends and criminal activity in the Bellingen Local Government area.</p>

<p>The CPSC will be a 30 minute presentation at 8.30pm before the Council Meeting. It will include a 5-10 minute presentation by the Police on local crime statistics, issues and trends followed by a question and answer session with Councillors and senior Council staff. The community forums are a way to learn about trends in criminal activity and crime hotspots, as well as the successes in tackling crime in the local area.</p>

<p>Coffs Clarence Police and the Bellingen Council would like to extend a welcome to community members interested in attending this meeting to gain an understanding about local crime trends and work together to develop local solutions to crime in the area.</p>


<p><strong><em>Please note: </em></strong><em>specific issues related to personal events cannot be discussed in the open forum due to privacy concerns. The community are welcome to raise these issues directly with the Police outside the forum.</em></p>