The Role of the Rangers

The Rangers are on call after hours for emergency matters only. These include public safety issues such as stock on public roads and serious dog attacks.

To report all after hours emergencies please telephone 66557300

The Rangers have a broad range of duties to conduct on behalf of Council and include such things as parking patrol, animal control, illegal waste dumping, general environmental protection and public safety and order, including the movement of stock from public roads and road reserves.

Much of the work done by rangers results from requests from members of the community and often involves an investigation. In attempting to find solutions, our rangers attempt to help the community as a whole.

The Rangers ensure that a balance is provided to enable consistency in law enforcement to keep people safe as well as maintain the enjoyment of the local area and lifestyle for people within the community.

Duties Carried Out by Ranger Services

  • Community consultation and education of enforcement matters
  • Lifetime registration of companion animals (dogs and cats)
  • Collection of roaming/straying dogs
  • Barking dog management
  • Missing and found animal register and management
  • Dangerous dog and restricted breed dog management
  • Dog Attack investigation
  • Management of animal pound facilities
  • Notices and Orders issued in accordance with Companion Animals Act 1998
  • Routine patrols of public land and facilities to monitor and regulate:
  • Illegal camping
  • Beach Patrols
  • Littering and illegal waste dumping
  • Public signage enforcement
  • Movement of people from prohibited areas
  • Conduct general parking enforcement such as no stopping, no parking, bus zones throughout the Shire
  • Conduct school zone parking program and enforcement of all school zones within the Shire
  • Management of straying stock on public land
  • Abandoned vehicle inspections and impounding if required
  • Management of overgrown allotments in unhealthy and unsafe condition in urban residential areas
  • Provide education and information to the community on a range of Council matters
  • Prosecutions, evidence and preparing briefs for Court
  • Investigate general complaints to council from the community