Water and Sewer

Following heavy rainfall and sustained high river levels and a positive rainfall forecast, Council has moved water restrictions to Level C effective Monday 10 February 2020.

A summary of Level C – Water Conservation Measures are:

  • The use of sprinklers is prohibited between the hours on 9.00am to 4.00pm

Council will continue to actively monitor the stability of recently improved river levels to ensure sustainable management of the town water supply and guide the ongoing management of Water Restriction Levels. Our community is encouraged to remain vigilant and maintain an ‘every drop counts’ approach towards all water consuming activities.

For more information on Water Restriction Levels and to discover ways you can save water visit our Create Page

The following water restriction table prepared by the NSW Office of Water for the North Coast of NSW ensures every Council in the region has the same water restriction levels and definitions, however trigger points when the restriction is imposed are set by individual Councils.  The levels are:

  • Water Conservation Measures
  • Level 1 – Moderate
  • Level 2 – High
  • Level 3 – Very High
  • Level 4 - Severe
  • Emergency

Water & Wastewater Public Data Portal

Residential Water Restrictions Table - (What each level means)
Dorrigo, Bellingen & Urunga town Signage regarding current Water Restriction Levels
Application for Variation to Water Restrictions
Becoming an Authorised Water Carrier

Water Saving Tips in and around the Home

Incident Response Management

Incident Response Management Plan (PDF - 99.85KB)
Pollution Incident Response Flow Chart (PDF - 190.7KB)
Pollution Incident Response Plan - Bellingen - Updated Nov 2019
Pollution Incident Response Plan - Dorrigo - Updated Nov 2019
Pollution Incident Response Plan - Urunga - Updated Nov 2019

Reading your Water Meter & High Usage Advice

How to Read your Water Meter (PDF - 58.15KB)
High Water Usage Advice (PDF) (205.07 KB)
How to Apply for Waiver of Excess Water Usage Charges

Council Related Activities - Water & Sewage 

Upcoming program for water main renewal and flushing of water and flushing of water mains - Urunga, Dorrigo, Repton & Mylestom areas


Water & Sewer Test Results

Water and Sewerage Water Quality Test Results

Water & Sewer Policies & Plans

Dump Ezy

Motor Home Users - Dump Ezy System

Ways to Reduce Water Usage in and around the Home

How to reduce water usage both inside and outside your home

Further Information

NSW Office of Water - http://www.water.nsw.gov.au/Home/default.aspx