Partner with us

Delivering better services for the community is a key priority for Bellingen Shire Council. Council recognises that, when it comes to tackling our most pressing issues, it may not be able to solve them alone. Council aims to foster collaboration and develop partnerships with the private and non-government sectors to harness the innovation and capital available to deliver better outcomes for the community.

All partnerships between Council and the non-government sector shall be consistent with Council’s Community Vision which sets out the Bellingen Shire community’s main priorities and aspirations.

In order to provide services to the community, Council procures products and services by two broad means:

  1. Solicited Proposals – Council-initiated procurement whereby Council requests proposals from the open market.
  2. Unsolicited Proposals – Proposals submitted by a proponent whereby Council has not requested proposals but a proponent has an idea they want to 'pitch' to Council.