Disaster and Emergency Information

The Bellingen Shire Council Disaster and Emergency Information webpage aims to assist in connecting community members with information and support services throughout the various stages of a disaster.

Council updates will be provided on this page. However, for live updates from emergency response agencies during a disaster, please access this through the respective agency's channel. 


Stages of a disaster

Council has collated information relating to each stage of a disaster, including key contacts and resources. Use the links below to navigate to the relevant information and resources based on the stage of the emergency.

Our role during a disaster

Emergencies or declared disaster events are controlled by either a Combat Agency or an Emergency Operations Controller (if requested by a Combat Agency or a Combat Agency is not specified). The Combat Agency will vary, depending on the type of emergency.

The following is a summary of potential types of emergencies which may affect out community and the identified lead Combat Agency.

Type of Emergency Combat Agency
Animal, plant disease, rodent or insect plague Department of Primary Industries

In a rural fire district: NSW Rural Fire Service

In an urban fire district: Fire and Rescue NSW

Flood NSW State Emergency Service
Pandemic NSW Health
Severe Storm NSW State Emergency Service
Tsunami NSW State Emergency Service


Whilst Bellingen Shire Council is not a lead Combat Agency, in a disaster or emergency event, as a member of the Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC) we work to:

  • Advise of any interruptions to the services we provide, including the status of roads and bridges, water and waste services and more
  • Restore any services which impact on the welfare and safety of our community in a timely manner
  • Support emergency lead agencies and/or combat agencies in assisting our community.


For the latest nearby fire, flood and traffic incidents, power and water outages, radio and social feeds, visit the Disaster Dashboard.

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