Contaminated Lands Policy

Council has a key role in dealing with contaminated land matters. Land contamination has the potential to occur anywhere within the Bellingen Shire Council local government area.

To limit the potential impacts of land contamination on the community and environment, this Policy and accompanying Guidelines outline a series of best practice processes for considering and dealing with land contamination

matters when undertaking Council planning, regulatory and land management functions.

The Contaminated Land Policy v1.0_0(PDF, 334KB) provides a framework through which Council will manage land contamination within the Local Government Area and defines the principles that Bellingen Shire Council are committed to upholding when performing Council functions.

The Contaminated Land Guidelines v1.0(PDF, 540KB)  have been developed to provide a practical framework for achieving the standards set out in the ‘Policy’ as well as to provide context to contaminated land matters.

Council must consider the potential for land contamination as part of the assessment of every Development Application. The Policy and Guidelines should be referred to when preparing a Development Application.