Request a Fee Estimate

Council is able to provide you with a fee estimate for your Development Application, Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate.

Before you request a fee estimation, you need to understand the following:

What is estimate cost of works?

DA fees are calculated by having regard to, among other things, the estimated cost of development based on the current market value.

What work should be included in calculating a cost estimate?
  • For development involving erecting a building, the consent authority must consider:
  • the costs associated with constructing the building, and
  • the costs associated with preparing the building for the purpose for which it is to be used (such as the costs of plant, fittings, fixtures and  equipment) 
  • For development involving carrying out a work the consent authority must consider the construction costs of the work
  • For development involving demolition, the consent authority must consider the costs of demolition If two or more fees are applicable to a single DA (such as an application to subdivide land and erect a building on one or more lots created by the subdivision), the maximum fee payable for the development is the sum of those fees (see clause 254 of the Regulation).
Who should estimate the costs of development prior to lodgement?

It is recommended that:

  • for development up to $100,000, the estimated cost be estimated by the applicant or a suitably qualified person1, with the methodology used to calculate that cost submitted with the DA. 
  • for development between $100,000 and $3 million, a suitably qualified person should prepare the cost estimate and submit it, along with the methodology, with the DA. 
  • for development more than $3 million, a detailed cost report prepared by a registered quantity surveyor verifying the cost of the development should be submitted with the DA.

What is Long Service Levy?

New South Wales Parliament place a levy on building and construction work costing $25,000 and above (inclusive of GST) in New South Wales. This levy is paid into a fund administered by the Long Service Corporation, where the Corporation makes long service payments to building and construction workers.

Payment of this levy is required prior to the issue of the Construction Certificate approval, and allows building work to proceed. 

The current levy rate is 0.5% of the value of the building and construction works costing $25,000 or more (inclusive of GST).

You are able to include this payment within your fee estimation or pay directly to the Long Service Levy Board.


What are Integrated Referrals

Certain development applications require approvals from a NSW Government agency, before a determination can be made by the Council. This is called Integrated Development

If your application requires referral to another agency, you can refer the application directly to the agency on the NSW Planning Portal when you lodge your application.  Alternatively, if Council assess your development application and determine integrated referrals are required, we will contact you and let you know.

Integrated Development Fees for each individual agency referral are as follows:

  • Council Administration Fee: $140
  • Integrated Authority Fee: $320