Enquire about your lodged application

Council can provide you with an update on your how your application is progressing through the assessment process, and in some circumstances, may be able to give general estimates on timeframes for completion.

Before you request an update

Check the current status of an application via the NSW Planning Portal Application Tracker by entering the property address (this will show publicly available information).

For more detailed information, including:

  • Current application status
  • Viewing documents
  • Viewing payment details and
  • More specific details about requests for additional information and the like

Log into your NSW Planning Portal account and view your Active Work (you will need to enter your email address and password to log into your account).  

Having problems with the Planning Portal site?

If you are having problems logging in or have questions about how the NSW Planning Portal site works, these frequently asked questions may help you, alternatively, you can contact Service NSW on 1300 305 695.

Having difficulties submitting additional information?

If information is requested by the consent authority or certifier, you will receive a system-generated email advising you of the request for information. To view and action this request, follow the steps in this guide.

Still have questions?

Our assessing officers are here to help. If you have a lodged application, you can reach out the assessing officer any day of the week, but please be mindful of the time it takes to provide feedback. 

We respectfully ask that you limit the number of inquiries you make, to allow our officers more time to progress applications in a timely manner. 

You can reach out to the assessing officer on (02) 6655 7300 or council@bellingen.nsw.gov.au