Section 355 Committees

Under Section 355 of the Local Government Act, councils have the authority to delegate certain functions to a committee of council, commonly known as Section 355 Management Committees.

In Bellingen Shire Council, there is a significant number of community halls and recreation reserves. Recognizing the substantial responsibility of managing these facilities, the Council has entrusted the management to members of the local community who actively utilize these venues.

Council is fortunate to have dedicated community volunteers who form these S355 committees of management. Their invaluable contributions ensure the continued operation and accessibility of these halls and reserves to the public. These committees bear the day-to-day responsibility for the management of the facilities, allowing for their continued use and enjoyment by the community.


Council is committed to supporting committees in the work that they do. The following information and resources will assist committees in their role managing and operating community halls and facilities in the best possible way.

For further information and requests for assistance, please contact Council's Community Planning Officer on 6655 7300.

Committee Resources

Committee membership

To register your interest in becoming a Section 355 Committee member, submit an application form:

355-Committee-New-Membership-Form.pdf(PDF, 66KB)

or complete and online form here: Becoming a Volunteer


There are numerous grant opportunities each year that are available to S355 committees, sporting groups and museums to assist in the maintenance and improvement of facilities or related events and projects.

If you are applying for a grant via an external funding opportunity, you MUST advise Council of your intention to submit a grant application. 

 In the first instance, please contact the Group Leader Technical Services at Council to discuss your proposal. In addition, a Property Owners Consent Application-for-Property-Owners-Consent-Form_1.pdf(PDF, 107KB) form must be completed for any grant applications that are to be submitted by a committee or user group to seek Council approval for proposed works. A Development Application (DA) may also be required depending on the nature of the works.

Council can assist with applications and can provide letters of support, assist with quotes, budget, working out priority areas, advise on whether a DA is required.

Council's Community Development Officer provides information on available funding through an email distribution list. To be added to this list, please contact our Community Partnerships Team.

List of Section 355 Committees

Bellingen Citizens Centre Committee



Hall for hire

Committee members

  • May Smith - Secretary
  • Heather Connell - Treasurer
  • Jim Forbes
  • Noelene Smith
  • Dianne Cork
  • Robert Stockton
  • Sharon Grainger
  • Kerrie Priestly

Bellingen Island Reserve Committee

Committee members

  • Ross Macleay - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Pamela Whitehead  - Chair
  • Dorin Hart
  • Jan Parkin
  • Carole Helman
  • Vivian Jones
  • Phil Gilmour
  • Chris Ormond
  • Katrina Luxon

Bellingen/Connell Park Committee


Book Bellingen Park

Book Connell Park

Committee members

  • Cr. Ellie Tree
  • George White - Chair
  • Simon Degenhard - Vice President
  • Matt Jaffray - Secretary
  • Sandra Hulbert - Treasurer
  • Liz Hoy
  • John Dorbis
  • Tim Cole
  • Dan Matthews - Bookings

Bellinger Valley Historical Society Committee


Bellingen Museum

Urunga Museum

Committee members

  • Susan Lloyd - President
  • John Lean - Vice President
  • Mary Humphries - Treasurer
  • Lindsey Stockdale
  • John Scott
  • Alison Carter

Brierfield Hall Committee


Hall for Hire

Committee members

  • Jane Grebert - Chair / Treasurer
  • Katrina Effern - Secretary
  • Scarlet Capper
  • Wendy Harfield
  • Darren Halloran
  • Eky McRae
  • Elizabeth Devonshire

Burdett Park Committee

Committee members

  • Graham Hooper - President
  • Kevin Johnson - Secretary
  • David Loebel - Treasurer
  • Margaret Hooper
  • Denis Brennan
  • Colin Mclellan
  • Steven Salvestro
  • Corey Thomson


Deer Vale Hall & Recreation Reserve Committee

Committee members

  • John Hodgson - President
  • Dorothy Forster - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Margaret Hodgson
  • Cyril Kellett
  • Tim Bake
  • Graeme Beaumont
  • Jeffery Gentle
  • Steven Thomas


Dorrigo Public Hall Committee


Hall for Hire

Committee members

  • Cr. Joanne Cook
  • Carolyn Hulbert - Secretary
  • Phil Chick - Treasurer / Bookings
  • Christine Moore
  • Erika Munan
  • Desmae Harrison

Dorrigo Recreation Grounds Committee

Hire the Dorrigo Rec Reserve

Committee members

  • Cr. Stephen Glyde
  • Murray Burley - Chair
  • Sara Cork - Secretary
  • Marianne Turner - Treasurer
  • Robert Turner
  • Anthony Dawes
  • Greg Darby

Dorrigo Saleyards Committee

Hickory House Committee


Room and Bus Hire

Committee members

  • Laurel Woolhouse - President
  • Margaret Harley - Secretary
  • Cathy Thomas - Treasurer
  • Olga Szymiczek
  • Beverley Miller
  • Amanda Jones - BSC staff rep

Megan Hall & Recreation Reserve Committee


Hall for Hire

Committee members

  • Kenneth Gardiner - President
  • Bridget Rees - Secretary
  • Deidre Friend - Treasurer
  • Christine Rees
  • Carolyn Nelson
  • Zai Cambray
  • Samantha Cambray
  • Clare Kitley
  • Yvonne Kitley
  • Nathan Slatter

Mylestom Hall Committee


Hall for hire

Committee members

  • Karen Wilson - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Jenny Green
  • Maureen Heelis
  • Wade Flemming
  • Patricia Dean
  • Lyn Scarlett


North Bellingen Children's Centre Committee

This committee is currently seeking new members to join. Please complete a volunteer application form and email

  • Jeremy Street - Chair
  • Treasurer - Kerry Child
  • Tim Fry
  • Nicole Clarke
  • Anton Joudvalkis

North Dorrigo Recreation Reserve Committee

  • Libby Ussher - President
  • Kerrie Fittock - Secretary
  • Cathryn McGuire - Treasurer
  • Shona McGuire
  • Leonie Wright
  • David Gibson
  • Peter Ussher

Raleigh Hall & Recreation Reserve Committee


Hall for Hire

  • Ted Vaughan - Chair 
  • Janene Carey - Secretary
  • Dennis Darcy - Treasurer
  • Paul Murphy
  • Jane Pearce
  • George Finney
  • Helen Gould
  • Chris Morgan
  • Jill Wright
  • Nicole Moore

Thora Community Hall Committee


Hall for Hire

  • Pauline Farrell - Chair / Secretary
  • John Lean - Treasurer
  • Rachel Browning 
  • Lynda Warwick
  • George Ellem
  • Liz Robson
  • Kate Best
  • Irene Gillespie
  • Lyn McCormick
  • Lesley French
  • Peter French - Bookings

Urunga Literary Institute & Senior Citizens Centre Committee


Hall for Hire

  • Cr. Jo Brotherton
  • Yvette Payne - Secretary / Treasurer
  • Liz Foreman
  • Mark Foreman
  • Debbie Rose
  • Suzanne Sharkey

Urunga Recreation Reserve Committee

Book Urunga Rec ReserveUrunga Recreation Reserve

  • Dianne Knobloch - Secretary
  • Mark Nugent - Treasurer / Bookings
  • Gavin Hickey
  • Trevor Martin 
  • Jess Snow
  • Paul Bastick
  • Andrew jarrett
  • Allen Cedelland