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Council administers 4 cemeteries within its shire at the following locations:

  • Bellingen - Lyon Street (from Hyde Street head north on Bridge Street across the Bellinger River into Hammond Street.  At the roundabout take the second exit into Lyon Street from where it is approximately 750m to the cemetery at the top of Lyon Street.)
  • Dorrigo - 3909 Waterfall Way (on the western side of Waterfall Way 2.1km south of Dorrigo)
  • Fernmount - Hyde Street (turn from Waterfall Way into Hyde Street from where it is approximately 250m to the cemetery entrance)
  • Urunga - 110 Hungry Head Road (from Giinagay Way Urunga, cross the railway to the eastern side of town and head south along Hungry Head Road.  Turn right into Cemetery Road, from which intersection it is approximately 0.4km to the cemetery entrance).

Cemetery Procedures

Bellingen Shire Council Burial Procedures(PDF, 25KB)

Cemetery Burial Application Forms

Application for Cemetery Burial(PDF, 106KB)
Application for Columbarium Wall(PDF, 105KB)

Application for Cemetery Masonry(PDF, 79KB)

Private Burial

Application for Private Burial(PDF, 212KB)

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery Fees 2020-2021(PDF, 253KB)

Cemetery Register

The Cemetery Register is currently being updated and will be available in the near future. Please contact if you require information.

Family History

Bellinger Valley Historical Society Museum may be of assistance when researching local family history.


Customer & Business Services
Phone (02) 6655 7300

The diversity of Bellingen Shire and the Waterfall Way area, with its beaches, World Heritage rainforests, heritage villages, and rich sub-tropical valleys, lends itself well to film production companies looking for a variety of locations.

If you are preparing to film in the Bellingen Shire Council area, please contact Bellingen Shire Council's Manager of Economic Development and Tourism. 


Should you wish to make a claim against the Council for loss or damage allegedly arising from an incident you are reporting, please complete the claim form below and provide Council with the specified information. This will then allow Council to assess your claim.

Please note:

Before the Council is obliged to pay compensation for any injury, loss or damage sustained, it must be established that this injury, loss or damage was caused through negligence on the part of the Council, or employees or agents of the Council. 

In order to enable Council to establish the facts of the incident, loss or damage sustained and process the claim more expediently, please provide the evidence requested in the form in support of your claim. 

Sometimes referred to as backyard burning or pile burning, open burning is the act of burning anything in the open air and is regulated across NSW by the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010. The intention of the Regulation is to minimise air pollution associated with burning.

Open burning is restricted in the Bellingen Shire and strongly discouraged within or close to built up areas. Residents are encouraged to use Council’s green waste services in preference to burning.

What can be approved to be burnt:

  • dead and dry vegetation (seasoned sticks and branches) from plants that grew on the property.


What cannot be burnt at any time:

  • building wastes
  • plastics
  • general waste/garbage
  • tyres
  • paint and paint containers
  • solvent residues and containers
  • coated wire
  • treated timbers

Please allow 15 working days for a Council Officer to inspect the proposal and assess the application.

All approved burning activities must be undertaken in accordance with the Rural Fire Service / Fire & Rescue NSW document Standards for Pile Burning.

Enquiries and applications for hazard reduction work must be made with the NSW Rural Fire Services.

The above information does not relate to fires used for cooking or recreational purposes (camping, picnicking, scouting or similar outdoor activities), eg. campfires. Fires lit for this purpose are only permitted if they comply with the following conditions:

  • only dry seasoned wood (or store bought BBQ fuel) is burnt
  • there is at least 2m around the fire clear of any combustible material, and
  • the fire is contained within a metal drum, store bought fire pit or constructed fire ring.
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