Our Water Supply


Bellingen Shire Council manages two water supply schemes; one in Dorrigo, and one on the Seaboard which supplies Bellingen, Fernmount, Urunga, Raleigh, Repton and Mylestom. 

Water is extracted from the Bielsdown and Bellinger River using specialised bores and infiltration wells.  It is then treated to drinking level standard and pumped into a number of storage reservoirs. Reservoirs are connected to residential properties through a large network of pipes, providing running water to your taps.  

Buildings in other areas like Megan, Bostobrick, Gleniffer, Brierfield, Kalang and Spicketts Creek are not connected to town water, and rely on water tanks and private water sharing agreements.

The Local Water Journey

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Water Quality Data

Council conducts regular water quality testing in accordance with EPA guidelines.  To view our wastewater data, and water consumption trends, click on the link below.

Bellingen Shire Council Water Portal

Bellingen Riverwatch

Council, through it's Environment Levy, also supports Bellingen Riverwatch to collect monthly water quality data and twice yearly macroinvertebrate surveys in the Bellinger and Kalang catchments.  The citizen science program was established following a disease outbreak that caused a mass death event of the Critically Endangered Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (BRST) in early 2015.  Ongoing water quality data is important for monitoring river health, identifying priority areas for management actions and educating the community on how to reduce the impact they may be having on their environment.   

Bellingen Riverwatch Data