Koala Plan of Management

The Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Core Koala Habitat Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (the CKPOM) forms part of the ‘’Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Koala Management Strategy – January 2017’’ (the Strategy). The Strategy was adopted by Bellingen Shire Council at its meeting of 16 December 2015.  The Bellingen Shire Council Coastal Area Core Koala Habitat Koala Plan of Management, which is one component of the strategy, was conditionally approved on 17 November 2016 by the Director of the Department of Planning and Environment under the provisions of Clause 13 of State Environmental Plan No. 44 – Koala Habitat Protection. This takes effect from 14 December 2016, when council resolved to accept the terms of the conditional approval.

If you are preparing a development application to develop land with core koala habitat, the CKPOM in Chapter 2 of the Strategy confirms Councils requirements for addressing potential impacts on koalas, or their habitat, in your development application. Where a development application or consent from council is not required for a proposed activity on your land, the CKPOM does not apply.

The remaining parts of the Strategy incorporate management activities for Council, other tiers of government, and the community, that are designed to protect and manage koalas and their habitat in the shire. It is necessary to read the Strategy in conjunction with the CKPOM, however it is the CKPOM that contains the key regulatory elements to be observed as part of the Development Application process.

Read the Strategy(PDF, 2MB)

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