Apply for a Planning Certificate

Planning certificates provide clear and accurate information about planning and other development controls that apply to specific parcels of land. Anyone can buy a planning certificate for any purpose, though these are most commonly used to assist landowners and purchasers to provide clear, accurate, and reliable planning information about land.

There are two types of Planning Certificates; Planning Certificate 10.7(2) and Planning Certificate 10.7 (2) and (5). 

Planning Certificate 10.7 (2)

This Planning Certificate provides information such as:

  • zoning
  • any relevant State Environmental Planning Policies, Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans & Contributions Plans (or Drafts) that may affect the land
  • details relating to whether certain types of Complying Development may be carried out under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
  • whether certain Restrictions affect development on the land because of natural hazards such as flooding and bush fire
  • whether the property has a heritage listing
  • whether the land is subject to a road widening proposal

Planning Certificate 10.7 (2) and (5)

A 10.7(5) Certificate is only obtainable in conjunction with a 10.7(2) Certificate. A combined 10/7(2) & (5) Certificate provides you with all the information contained in Planning Certificate 10.7(2) as well as details on:

  • Whether or not you can build a house on the land. It is very important that you obtain this information if you are buying a property in a rural area as not every rural property has a dwelling entitlement under the Bellingen Local Environmental Plan 2010.
  • Any flood studies that apply to the land.
  • Whether the property has ‘’Preferred Koala Habitat’’ on it according to Councils Koala Management Strategy.
  • Whether the property is likely to be subject to future estuary inundation.
  • Information on certain requirements associated with changing property ownership, including the operation of an On-site Sewage Management System.