Engineering Guidelines

Bellingen Shire Council has produced several development guidelines to assist in the development approval and construction process and delivery of high-quality community assets. 

Compensatory Earthworks

Compensatory earthworks seek to allow for limited cut and fill to occur, at the same incremental level, within the Defined Flood Event and achieving a nil impact on the hydraulic characteristics of the waterway or floodway. 


As Executed Information

As executed drawings and asset information will be used by Council as a record of the constructed assets and for their continued maintenance.

Council will also provide this information to other parties where it is required to assist with identifying the location of infrastructure, connecting to existing infrastructure, to avoid damage to the infrastructure, for its alteration, or other relevant reasons.


Rural Roads Guideline

Standard Road Construction for Rural Roads including road profile, pavement and seal design, reference documents and safety information.


CCTV of Stormwater Assets

This guideline is intended to provide advice to applicants on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Investigation of Council Stormwater Assets whereby a report is prepared to enable Council to assess the impacts of development upon Council stormwater assets such as stormwater drainage pipes.

Water Sensitive Urban Design Guideline

This document outlines Council’s requirements for the implementation of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) as a component of future development within the Bellingen Shire Council LGA.

Bellingen and Urunga Stormwater Management Plans

The focus of this study has been to identify and assess potential new structural stormwater controls to improve urban stormwater quality emanating from the Bellingen and Urunga urban centres.