Bellingen Shire Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy Collateral 1.jpg

In response to the Black Summer Bush Fires, Council developed five economic stimulus initiatives of which The Bellingen Shire Branding Strategy(PDF, 27MB) was one. The initiatives were selected around the following criteria:

  • Have a Shire wide benefit
  • Be sustainable and have a legacy to benefit the economy for years to come
  • Address and counter the greatest impacts experienced by the economy
  • Leverage off existing resources and planning
  • Stimulate an exponential benefit
  • Not duplicate existing projects or funding.

Council consulted with local and regional stakeholders to determine which projects offered the best potential for economic stimulus and had the closest fit to the criteria above.  The  projects were then distributed for public input and comment. This included sharing them on: Council’s Community Engagement Hub – Create,  Ilovebelloshire and with the three Chambers of Commerce. The Bellingen Shire Branding Project was one of two initiatives that attracted the strongest support.

$45,000 was allocated from $1.3m in Bush Fire Funding for the project. Consultants were engaged through a Request for Quote Process and the budget was established based on regional branding comparisons. 

During the Community Consultation for the Branding Strategy development, there was a level of confusion around the difference between marketing and branding.  To understand the objective and context of this project, please see: “Bellingen Shire Branding Project Overview.”  It is important to review this document before providing comment on the Strategy.

Branding Strategy Collateral 2.jpg

At the Council Meeting on the 25 August 2021, Council adopted the branding design concept and resolved to place the Strategy on Public Exhibition for 21 Days. To encourage informed and valuable input, supporting documents are available here for review to provide a comprehensive overview of the consultation and work involved with this project.  These included:

  • The Bellingen Branding Strategy Brief
  • The Branding Strategy Consultation Report
  • The Draft Bellingen Branding Strategy

Note: The Design Concept was selected and adopted by elected Councillors after reviewing a number of design options and reviewing feedback and input from an industry focus group who assessed the design concepts against:

  • The design’s  fit with the Brief and character of the Shire
  • Its synergy with the three key themes that emerged from the consultation
  • How well it worked alongside the revised Council logo
  • Its potential to work across non tourism applications, i.e., food branding

Following the Public Exhibition period, the report was tabled to Council's October 27th 2021 Ordinary Meeting, and the Branding Strategy was officially adopted.