Bellingen Shire Tourism and Branding

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The Bellingen Shire has an opportunity to define who and what we are in a way that sets us apart from others - in a way that has been directed by the values and aspirations of the community.

Tourism or ‘Destination’ branding is about identifying the region’s strongest most competitively appealing assets in the eyes of its prospective visitors. It brings together the social, cultural and natural dimensions of place that appeals emotionally to the visitor. A brand identifies, delineates and differentiates a destination and communicates its image as part of its appeal to tourists. This appeal highlights and encourages visitors to experience those attributes that make it a distinctive and attractive destination.

A brand creates awareness about your place and/or helps the visitor remember your destination. To not determine your own brand on a long-term basis gives permission to others to do it for you.

The Bellingen Shire Branding Strategy(PDF, 27MB) and Tourism Brand Guidelines(PDF, 4MB) helps inform the way you can use the Brand.

A well–developed brand for the Shire can achieve many things:

  • Increased community cohesion, understanding and respect for each other
  • Enhanced connections between people and our culture, heritage and local environment
  • Encourage a greater sense of belonging - positively influence growth and responsible tourism
  • Attract like-minded visitors
  • Provide a vehicle for business to grow and attract new sustainable business to the Shire.

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If your organisation or business would like to use the Bellingen Shire Brand, please simply complete the form below to request access to the Brand elements. The form will be sent to the appropriate person for authorisation who will then provide you with a link to access the brand guidelines, logos and other elements.

A Tourism Photographic Library is also available. A small selection of available images is shown here. To access these, please complete the form below.