Tenders and Quotations

Bellingen Shire Council releases Requests for Quotation (RFQ), Requests for Tender (RFT) and Expressions of Interest (EOI) through the VendorPanel and Tenderlink E-tendering portals. These portals help to improve the speed and efficiency for both Council and its suppliers. 

We encourage you to register on these portals by following the links below to ensure that you do not miss any Quotation or Tender opportunities from Council. 

Tenderlink - E-portal

Council uses the Tenderlink E-tendering Portal to improve the speed and efficiency for both Council and its suppliers.

Tender specifications for any current tender, quotation or expression of interest can be downloaded free of charge by following the link to: TENDERLINK

Interested parties are required to register via the E-tendering Portal www.tenderlink.com/bellingen to download documents free of charge. Alternatively, specifications are available from Council Administration Centre, 33-39 Hyde Street, Bellingen  NSW  2454, for a fee.

If you have difficulties accessing the above website call the TENDERLINK Help Desk on 1800 233 533.

VendorPanel – E-portal

In order to be able to access Quotations, Tenders and Expressions of Interest in this system, you must first be a registered Supplier.

It is entirely free for suppliers and provides you with an easy-to-use tool to manage your quotes/ tenders.

As part of our ongoing effort to work better with local suppliers Bellingen Shire Council uses VendorPanel Marketplace to enable staff to easily identify local suppliers and invite them to quote on work. 

Registration is easy

Step 1.Visit 

www.vendorpanel.com.au/bellingen/marketplace and click on the ‘Register Now’ button

Step 2.Search

and select the best category for your business

Step 3.Click

on the link you receive to complete your profile

Once registered, your business profile will be visible to buyers searching in your category and region of service.

Select https://vendorpanel.com.au/bellingen/tenders to review any open tenders on VendorPanel.

If you require any assistance in registering, please contact VendorPanel Support: support@vendorpanel.com.au or 03 9095 6181.

Current tenders


Recently closed tenders

TO-213-23BSC - Kalang River water main

Tender Submissions Listed in alphabetical order:

  1. AJ Civil Projects
  2. Alliance Construction Group
  3. CDP Services
  4. GCE Contractors
  5. JNC Group
  6. KBS Mackay
  7. Keane Civil and Construction
  8. Killard Infrastructure


TO-119-21PWA - Bellingen Embankment Restorations, Soil Nails, D&C

Tender Submissions Listed in alphabetical order:

  1. Civil & Civic Group PTY LTD
  2. Civilmart  Rocla
  4. Ground Stabilisation Systems Pty Ltd
  5. Pan Civil Pty Ltd
  6. PCA Ground Engineering
  7. Pointe Engineering Pty Ltd - awarded for the contract amount of $933,517
  8. The Rix Group Pty Ltd


TO-111-21PWA - Embankment Restoration - Soldier Pile Wall Construct only

Tender Submissions Listed in alphabetical order: 

  1. Beyond Expectations Pty Ltd
  2. Earthtec Pty. Ltd.
  3. Earthtrack Solutions Pty Ltd
  4. Fortade Group Pty Ltd
  5. PCA Ground Engineering
  6. Saunders Civilbuild Pty Ltd
  7. The Rix Group Pty Ltd


TO-110-21PWA  - Stormwater Infrastructure

Tender Submissions Listed in alphabetical order: 

  1. Coastal Works
  2. Mid North Coast Contractors Pty Ltd