Water Carters & Private Water Suppliers


If you wish to draw water from Council’s reticulated water supply for the purposes of commercial water carting, you are required to lodge a  Section 68 Local Government Application. The below application can be found on Council applications forms page.

BSC - Local Government (S.68) Application Part B - Water Supply - Draw water from a Council water supply or a standpipe or sell water so drawn.

What is a Section 68 Local Government Application?

A Local Government (LG) approval is required for a broad range of activities that fall under Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993. These applications are commonly referred to as a "Section 68" or an "LG".


What are the Requirements?

The Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2022 require drinking water suppliers to:

  • have a quality assurance prgram (QAP) that complies with the Regulation
  • comply with (i.e. implement) its QAP
  • provide a copy of the QAP to the local Public Health Unit
  • keep records relating to managing the safety of its drinking water supply

The vehicle used for water carting must meet minimum requirements in accordance with NSW Health Guidelines and be inspected by Council prior to commencement of trade.

The Public Health Act 2010 requires drinking water suppliers to develop and adhere to a quality assurance program (or drinking water management system). This applies to private water suppliers and water carters, who are also required to keep certain records.

Water carters are a food business and must notify their local council with their business details.

What is required for record keeping and how do I submit records to Council?

A water carter must keep a log book (for at least 6 months) which are required to be submitted to Councils finance department on a monthly basis either over the counter or via email at council@bellingen.nsw.gov.au

A failure to submit will result in the permit being cancelled.

You can find a copy of our log book on our forms page. You are required to keep a record of the below:

  • the name of the water supplier from which the water carter received water
  • the name and address of each person to whom the water carter supplies water
  • the place, date, time and volume of water supplied to that person
  • details of any substances other than drinking water transported in any water tank used by the water carter
  • the dates on which any water tank used by the water carter is cleaned.

Is there a limitation on how much water I can take?

There may be a limit on how much water you can draw, depending on water restriction levels in the shire. 


Quality Assurance Program

Drinking water carters must develop and adhere to a quality assurance program. A copy of the completed quality assurance program document must be provided to the local NSW Health Public Health Unit.

Water carters may complete a Water Carter QAP template or create their own.


Helpful Information

NSW Health has lots of useful information for water carters, including a Guideline for Water Carters

NSW Food Authority has information available for food businesses using non-reticulated water.